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[e][h]Terran Ecgberht
Player Information

Ecgberht is a StarCraft AI, written in Java by Fco. Javier Sacido, student at the University Carlos III of Madrid.

Source code available here under GPL3 License.

Libraries Used[edit]

AI Techniques[edit]

  • Dynamic squads created using Gaussian Mean Shift Clustering.
  • UCB-1 learning to choose best strategy based on opponent.
  • Mix of rule-based behaviour and FSM to control different units/agents.
  • Macro System based on Behavioural Trees.
  • ASS Combat Simulator and JPS pathfinding.


Ecgberht can play a variety of builds/strategies, Its most notable ones are:

  • Full Biological Strategy: Trains a big amount of Marines and Medics backed by Science Vessels.
  • Full Mechanical Strategy: The usual Terran Mech strategy with Tanks, Wraiths and Goliaths.
  • BioMech: Mix of Biological units and Tanks, the biological units protect the Tanks while they mercilessly attack the enemy while sieged.
  • Proxy Rax: Either a Proxy8Rax or ProxyBBS allows for a strong cheese that destroys greedy opponents.
  • TwoPortWraith: The TwoPortWraith is a strong build against Zerg that harass with Vultures while quickly training Wraiths on 2 Starports.
  • JoyORush


  • Can Proxy Ebay Manner and Proxy Fac against Zerg
  • Can play sounds!
  • Can react against different strategies
  • King of Wessex


In Tournaments
Date Event Place Category
2018 AIST S2 7th
2018 SSCAIT2018 34th 3rd Mixed Division Student Division
2018 AIIDE2018 16th Mixed Division
2018 CIG2018 13th 3rd Mixed Division Student Division
2017 SSCAIT2017 44th 11th Mixed Division Student Division