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Egg Madness

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[e][h]Egg Madness
Map Information
Space Platform
Spawn Positions:
6 at 2,4,6,8,10,12


Egg Madness was released on April 2, 1999 as Blizzard's Map of the Week.[1]

It's an UMS map.


Master of Madness:

You will be producing endless numbers of Zerglings, Firebats or Goliaths and with these units you must kill enough enemy units to gain 60,000 kill points and victory.

Master of Madness:

You select what unit type you are building by moving your drone over the beacon of the unit type you wish to build.

You can also use your drone to pick up the Chrysalis that appear in the middle of the map and return them to your base for bonus points and heroes.

Drones can also pick up powerups that will occasionally appear on the high points of the map. These powerups will have varied and useful effects.

End of Briefing.

Mission Objectives[edit]

-Score 60,000 Kill Points to win

-Select unit production with your Drone.

-Bring Chrysalis to your base to get heroes.

-Bring Powerups to your base for special effects.

Notable Features[edit]