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Protoss attempts an elevator drop onto an elevated and fortified Zerg

Elevator refers to using a single Dropship to lift a number of units to a different terrain level. As the load cannot be carried, the dropship has to take multiple turns and thus functions as an "elevator". The Korean community refers to this as a "manual labor drop".

Another term used for this is to 'Ferry units across'.

This method is used in a various match-ups:

  • Protoss vs Terran or Zerg, when the Terran or Zerg erects a strong defense at its choke points, it can be vulnerable inside its base to early to mid game Zealot and/or Dragoon elevator drops.
  • Zerg vs Protoss, when the Protoss opts for a Forge-first (FE) build, it may be vulnerable to elevator drops in the early game
  • Terran vs Protoss or Zerg, in a Contain scenario or Siege tank push, the Terran may surround the opponent's boundary while slowly elevator dropping units into the opponent base.