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Enfury: Matches

From Liquipedia StarCraft Brood War Wiki
Overall 9W : 10L (47.37%) in series, 27W : 28L (49.09%) in games
DateTimeTierTournamentScoreVs. PlayerVOD
2008-07-29A0Premier2008 Fall OSL Offline Preliminaries2008 Fall OSL Offline Preliminaries1:2South Korea Protoss Fantastic
2007-06-02A1MajorPGL Season 1(2007)PGL Season 1(2007)1:3Poland Protoss Draco
2007-06-02A1MajorPGL Season 1(2007)PGL Season 1(2007):China Protoss Pj
2007-06-01A1MajorPGL Season 1(2007)PGL Season 1(2007)2:1Canada Random Testie
2007-06-01A1MajorPGL Season 1(2007)PGL Season 1(2007)1:2China Protoss Legend
2007-06-01A1MajorPGL Season 1(2007)PGL Season 1(2007)0:2China Protoss Pj
2007-05-31A1MajorPGL Season 1(2007)PGL Season 1(2007)2:1South Korea Terran 1st
2007-05-31A1MajorPGL Season 1(2007)PGL Season 1(2007)2:1Canada Random Testie
2007-05-30A1MajorPGL Season 1(2007)PGL Season 1(2007)2:0China Terran Super
2007-05-30A1MajorPGL Season 1(2007)PGL Season 1(2007)2:0South Korea Terran 1st
2007-05-30A1MajorPGL Season 1(2007)PGL Season 1(2007)1:2China Protoss PJ
2007-05-30A1MajorPGL Season 1(2007)PGL Season 1(2007)1:2Canada Random Testie
2007-05-26A1MajorPGL Season 1(2007)PGL Season 1(2007):China Protoss Pj
2007-05-26A1MajorPGL Season 1(2007)PGL Season 1(2007)2:1China Protoss Pj
2007-05-26A1MajorPGL Season 1(2007)PGL Season 1(2007)2:1China Protoss LoveTT
2007-05-25A0Premier2007 Summer OSC Offline Preliminaries2007 Summer OSC Offline Preliminaries1:2South Korea Protoss Fantastic
2007-03-16A0Premier2007 Spring MST Offline Preliminaries2007 Spring MST Offline Preliminaries:WSouth Korea Zerg Max
2006-11-15A0Premier2006 Winter OnGameNet Dual Tournament Offline Preliminaries2006 Winter OnGameNet Dual Tournament Offline Preliminaries1:2South Korea Zerg HyunJun
2005-08-16A1MajorWCG Korea 2005WCG Korea 20050:2South Korea Protoss Rage
2005-08-16A1MajorWCG Korea 2005WCG Korea 20052:0South Korea Zerg )(Min)(Gu)(
2004-08-13A1MajorWCG Korea 2004WCG Korea 20041:2South Korea Zerg July