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Learn from the Best of the English Brood War Casters

English Casters[edit]

This is a list of English Casters that have contributed time to cast Brood War games foreign and pro

Day9: http://day9.tv/archives/page/7/?search=Daily

MoleTrap: https://www.youtube.com/user/moletrap

HuskyStarCraft: https://www.youtube.com/user/huskystarcraft

Sayle: https://www.youtube.com/user/SayleBW - A current StarCraft: Brood War caster

  1. Learn from Day9
  2. Learn from MoleTrap
  3. Learn from HuskyStarCraft
  4. Learn from Sayle

Learn from Day9[edit]

Most people know who Day9 is. But in case you don't go check out his page here: https://liquipedia.net/starcraft/Day%289%29 . So Day9 began his day9 Daily videos with StarCraft: Brood War. He is a great resource for analyzing videos and really understanding a match up. Below are some of the videos that are must see if you want to learn more about your race.

Day9's TvT Analysis[edit]

Day[9] Daily #3 – Flash vs Firebathero http://blip.tv/day9tv/day-9-daily-3-flash-vs-firebathero-3517274

Day9's TvP Analysis[edit]

Day[9] Daily #112 – Hiya vs Free http://blip.tv/day9tv/day-9-daily-112-hiya-vs-free-3652744

Day9's TvZ Analysis[edit]

Day[9] Daily #136 (First Part) – Brat_OK Part 2 The TvZ Special http://blip.tv/day9tv/day-9-daily-136-first-part-brat_ok-part-2-the-tvz-special-3776374 Day[9] Daily #136 (Second Part) – Brat_OK Part 2 The TvZ Special http://blip.tv/day9tv/day-9-daily-136-second-part-brat_ok-part-2-the-tvz-special-3776663

Day9's PvP Analysis[edit]

N/A :(

Day9's PvZ Analysis[edit]

Day[9] Daily #4 – Bisu vs Jaedong 1 http://blip.tv/day9tv/day-9-daily-4-bisu-vs-jaedong-1-3517306 Day[9] Daily #5 – Bisu vs Jaedong 2 http://blip.tv/day9tv/day-9-daily-5-bisu-vs-jaedong-2-3517322

Day9's ZvZ Analysis[edit]

Day[9] Daily #8 – Luxury vs Geumchi http://blip.tv/day9tv/day-9-daily-8-luxury-vs-geumchi-3517351

Learn from MoleTrap[edit]

MoleTrap is a veteran of the Brood War casting world. While he may have made his transition to SC2 and LoL, he was a staple source of information years before sc2 came out. He is a fast paced spifire caster that rivals only the speed of the Korean casters. With high WPM(words per minute) and great analysis he is exciting to learn from.

Learn from HuskyStarCraft[edit]

Husky is everyone's friend. He has come out with many StarCraft Music video lately but he is as knowledgeable about the game as he is quirky. He is a much more normal paced and easy to understand caster. With his deep library of VODS you can watch the legends under go English analysis.

Learn from Sayle[edit]

Sayle is the newest of the StarCraft casting master. He does current Kespa and Foreign tournament Brood War Matches. Get excited alongside of him as you catch up on the latest builds, drama, and results of the current BW leagues around the world.