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[e][h]Evil Geniuses
Team Information
Team Captain:
Intel (head sponsor)
April 12, 2009


Evil Geniuses made a big splash on the StarCraft scene in 2009 when they signed 5 of the best players from the USA after announcing their StarCraft division. The team itself lacked achievements, but the individual members had big success individually. Amongst other things all of the EG Starcraft members qualified for the 2009 WCG USA Finals in New York City.

The clan members gained big fame in the community through different means. Geoff iNcontroL Robinson had been a long time prominent member of Teamliquid.net and also coach StarCraft players for money. Another member, Jacob "LzGaMeR" Winstead, ran a very popular stream for a long time while Bryce "Machine" Bates may have drawn the short straw being the butt of many "Machine is bad" jokes floating around on Teamliquid.

EG Broodwar team was disbanded after the release of SC2, some players moved to EG SC2 team.

On July 20, 2019, the former team manager and captain Geoff "iNcontroL" Robinson passed away due to a sudden illness. [1]



  • April, Team EG. officially announces a StarCraft division.
  • April, Signs Colbi, iNcontroL, Nyoken, Machine, LzGaMeR and G5
  • May, Louder signs up for EG.sc immediately following WCG US Invite in NY.
  • June/July, G5 unofficially left EG.sc's roster after internal problems. He remained under contract for the rest of 2009.
  • August, EG.sc signed iNkA


  • January, EG.sc resigns contract with iNcontroL, Nyoken, Machine, LzGaMeR, Louder and iNkA.
  • January, G5 officially leaves EG.sc.
  • January, Former manager Colbi steps down from his active duty as team manager due to personal reasons.
  • January, A project by the name "EG House" is formed. EG.sc members Machine, Nyoken and iNkA moves in with Brent "Psyonic_Reaver" in a house outside of Phoenix. The goal of the project is to create an atmosphere as those in Korean pro-team houses. This project is thought to improve the players skills in StarCraft 2 faster.


Geoff "iNcontroL" Robinson was the team manager and captain.

Former Members[edit]

Team Achievements[edit]

  • September 2009, Qualified for WGTour ClanLeague Season 22 (by beating LRM)
  • October 2009, 1st place in BWML Season 17 (beat ZZZ in finals)