Evolution Chamber

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[e][h]Zerg Evolution Chamber
Building Information
75 Vespene Gas 0 25
750 1
B  V
Unlocked Tech:
Upgrades Available:
  • Level 1-3 Melee Attacks
  • Level 1-3 Ranged Attacks
  • Level 1-3 Carapace

The Evolution Chamber is a Zerg building that allows the Zerg player to morph Creep Colonies into Spore Colonies, which both act as detectors and as anti-air defensive buildings. The Evolution Chamber also allows upgrades to Zerg ground units' melee and ranged weapons, as well as carapace, the Zerg armor.

It is common to incorporate the Evolution Chamber into the Zerg Sim-City. For example, it is used to block off attacks by Zealots or Marines while Sunken Colonies that are positioned behind the Evolution Chamber can deal heavy damage to the attacking force.

In the ZvP match-up, Evolution Chambers are often built by the mid game to produce defensive Spores if the Protoss opponent elects to go with a heavy Corsair or Corsair/Dark Templar strategy.

In the ZvT and ZvP match-ups, Zerg players will often build multiple Evolution Chambers to research several upgrades simultaneously by the mid to late game. In contrast, in the ZvZ match-up, Evolution Chambers are rarely built, except to enable Spores to be morphed to counter attacking Mutalisks.


Zerg Melee Attacks
 100 (+50)      100 (+50)      167.58 (+12.6) (fastest)
Increases the attack damage of Zerglings, Ultralisks, and Broodlings.
Zerg Missile Attacks
 100 (+50)      100 (+50)      167.58 (+12.6) (fastest)
Increases the attack damage of Hydralisks and Lurkers.
Zerg Carapace
 150 (+75)      150 (+75)      167.58 (+12.6) (fastest)
Increases the armor value of all Zerg ground forces.

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