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[e][h]Zerg Lag and Chat Zerg
Early Zerglings, key for the build
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ZvP , ZvT, ZvZ
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This is an exemplary strategy page and should not be taken seriously content wise!


The "Lag and Chat Zerg" is a very aggressive opening, which can be used in all Zerg match ups. It can only performed online and tries to quickly eliminate the opponent with a greater mass of Zerglings.

Build Order[edit]

There is no standard Build Order, but a multitude of viable openings. The exemplary Build Order is the strongest variation.

General Build
  • 4/9 - Drone[1]
  • 5/9 - Spawning Pool
  • @100 % Spawning Pool - 6 Zerglings
  • @100% Zerglings - Attack[2][3]
if attack was successful
  • celebrate by ignoring the gg
if attack failed
  • refuse to leave the game
  • disconnect before you officially lose
  1. Overlord is sent to scout. Drones are not sent out
  2. Attack is done with Attack-Command (a-move)
  3. Bad conversation with opponent starts now


The execution is straight forward. The performing player should start to mass Zerglings as soon as possible, while neglecting to build up a greater mass of Drones. Mining minerals is purely optional after four minutes.

Once the attack starts, the internet connection should be as laggy as possible, to deny proper micro management of the opponent. A standard move to increase lags is to arbitrarily download things while in game.

Once the first wave of Zerglings move out, a chat should start. Usually, the opponent is asked for his age, gender, sexual orientation or other small talk related questions. The goal is to make him answer, thus keeping him from microing his units.

If the attack fails, the game is over. In this case the player transitions out of the game by shutting down the internet connection. This can be achieved by

  • Pulling the internet cable
  • Shutting down the router
  • Shutting down Brood War in the Task Manager

The strategy works best if performed multiple times against the same opponent in a Best of Series. While the best of series progresses, the chatting can change from friendly, to ridiculing the opponent; the underlying goal of the changed conversation tone is to make him angry, thus making it harder for him to concentrate.

Notable Maps[edit]

Two player maps with wide open choke points and short rush distances support this strategy. Prime examples are Blue Storm, Medusa and Python (if the players spawn on close positions).

Maps with complicated pathing and long rush distances, as well as narrow choke points do not support this strategy.

Notable Games[edit]

Odd-Eye South Korea  JaeDong Only time in Brood War history a pro-gamer pulled the Lag-Chat Zerg with a disconnect follow-up in an offline tournament.
South Korea  Flash
Date: 2010-01-23
Patch: 1.16.1 VOD