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[e][h]Zerg F91
Player Information
Romanized Name:
Sun Yifeng
February 17, 1983 (1983-02-17) (age 37)
Alternate IDs:
DuskBin.F91, Fnatic.F91, MYM.F91
DB., MYM, Fnatic


Sun "F91" Yifeng is a retired Chinese Zerg player.


Sun "F91" Yifeng is a top Chinese Zerg player from China who is well known in the Chinese StarCraft community. He got 2nd place in WCG China 2007 but was unable to attend the grand finals in Seattle due to visa issues. In 2008, F91 attended the Blizzard World Wide Invitational where he lost to Kal 1-2 and was eliminated from the tournament by IdrA 1-2 in the loser's bracket.

In 2009, F91 became well known in the foreign StarCraft community with his undefeated winning streak in Liquibition by defeating IefNaij 4-1, IdrA 5-2, Strelok 5-2, NonY 4-2 and kOs 4-2. Despite his strong performances in 2009, he was unable to attend the grand finals of WCG 2009, losing to Pj in the third place match of WCG China 2009. His 4th place in both WCG 2009 China and IEF 2009 qualifiers earned him the nickname of 孙殿军 (4th place Sun) by the Chinese community.

After winning WCG China 2010 by defeating Lx in the finals, F91 announced that he'll be switching to StarCraft II after the WCG 2010 Grand Finals. Despite his strong performance in WCG 2010 China, F91 ended up losing to 1-2 to Tossgirl in the STX Masters tournament in Shanghai which many considered to be an upset. In the Grand Finals of WCG 2010 in Los Angeles, F91 failed to qualify from his group with a score of 2-2 with 2 wins over Advokate and the Japanese player KuroA and 2 losses from Jaedong and Yayba. F91 retired from Brood War and switched to StarCraft II after WCG 2010.


  • He is well known for his very aggressive, unorthodox style.
  • Showed dominance in the foreign scene in 2009, winning five consecutive Liquibition matches, including a series against retired progamer kOs.
  • Was caught abusing in the Poker Strategy TSL in 2009[1]

Quotes about F91[edit]

  • "If there is one Zerg, in the whole world that's good that is not a cookie cutter Zerg it might be F91."-Artosis
  • "F91 is F91, he rapes the piss out of anyone who doesn't know his style because it's so abusive."-IdrA


Date Placement Tier Tournament Team Result Prize
2010-07-24 A11st A2Major WCG China 2010 2 : 1  Legend $4,425
2008-06-14 A57 - 8th A2Major PGL Season 3 1 : 2  Horang2 $767
2006-08-06 A44th A2Major WCG China 2006  Phoenix $0
2006-06-29 A22nd A1Minor PLU League 2006 3 : 4  Super $625
  • G-League Season 1
  • IEST China 2006
  • Enjoy E-sports Shanghai 2005
  • CKCG ZhengZhou 2005
  • CGEL ZheJiang 2005
  • VS Game 2005
  • CGEL China 2005
  • Shanghai Enjoy E-sports Game
  • Lenovo game 2004
  • CEG Shanghai 2004


Notable Games[edit]