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[e][h]Terran fOrGG
Player Information
Romanized Name:
Park Ji Soo
February 13, 1990 (1990-02-13) (age 31)
Alternate IDs:
M.fOrGG, forGG_V_, Never_V_, oGsFin, Raptor
Conquerer, Pretender
Total Earnings:
2008 Arena MSL
2006-03-21 — 2009-??-??
2009-??-?? — 2010-12-28

Park "fOrGG" Ji Soo is a StarCraft progamer from South Korea who played Terran for KT Rolster.

He currently plays Terran in StarCraft II.


His greatest accomplishment is winning the Arena MSL 2008, beating two of StarCraft's strongest players to take the title. He defeated Flash in the semifinals (3-1) and Jaedong in finals (3-0). fOrGG is most known for having outstanding macro. However, after winning the Arena MSL in 2008 he failed to achieve much else, entering a slump the following month that he never fully recovered from before retiring and switching to StarCraft 2.

One of his nicknames, seen on many of his fans' scarves, is "Time Attacker" and the notorious "Genghis Park" due to his stellar performance in the Arena MSL 2008. The "Genghis Park" also developed a new meme in Korea "정ㅋ벅ㅋ" which literally translates to "CON-LOL-QUERED-LOL." At first the meme was used to anger Jaedong and Flash fans, however now it is used when one player dominates the other player.

fOrGG was traded from Hwaseung Oz to the (then) KTF MagicNs during the Shinhan Bank Winners League Playoffs. He played his first game for KTF in the Winner's League Playoffs against Hwaseung, on Medusa, losing to Jaedong. He still plays for KT.

fOrGG qualified for the 2009 Nate MSL and the 2009 EVER OSL but was knocked out in the round of 32 and round of 36 respectively.

fOrGG was rarely played in Round 1 and 2 of the 09-10 Proleague season with KT opting to play a lineup with two Zergs for a majority of their matches. He finished with records of 0-2 and 1-1 in either round respectively, giving him a 1-3 record going into Winner's League.

Towards the end of his career, fOrGG was a steady contributor in the Proleague, ending with a 8-9 record in Winner's League en route to a KT Rolster Winner's League championship and a 5-5 record in Round 4. He also lost 1-2 to Kal in the Ro8 of the 2010 Korean Air OSL and qualified for the 2010 Bigfile MSL with a clean 6-0 record through offline preliminaries and Survivor.

On the 28th of December, 2010, fOrGG announced that he was to retire from professional gaming.[1][2] However, he came back to progaming on September 29, 2011, this time in StarCraft II.[3]


  • Only player to defeat Jaedong in a Best of 5 Series in 2008.
  • Third player to win both a Brood War and a StarCraft 2 premier tournament (after Jaedong and Flash).


2019-11-08MC13 - 16thA0Premier1v1KSL Season 4KSL Season 4FOrGG0-2Grp S.$1,726
2019-05-09MC13 - 16thA0Premier1v1KSL Season 3KSL Season 3FOrGG0-2Grp S.$1,793
2018-12-30BA2ndA1MajorTeamMoo Proleague Season 2Moo Proleague Season 2FOrGGConnects Zero TermConnects Zero Term2 : 4Shinhan InvestShinhan Invest$744
2010-08-28EC5 - 8thA0Premier1v1Bigfile MSLBigfile MSLFOrGGKT RolsterKT Rolster0 : 3South Korea  Flash$1,610
2010-04-30EC5 - 8thA0Premier1v1Korean Air Starleague 2010Korean Air Starleague 2010FOrGGKT RolsterKT Rolster1 : 2South Korea  Kal$2,415
2009-08-30IG9 - 16thA0Premier1v1Avalon MSLAvalon MSLFOrGGKT RolsterKT Rolster0 : 2South Korea  Calm$1,275
2009-03-20EC5 - 8thA0Premier1v1Lost Saga MSLLost Saga MSLFOrGGHwaseung OZHwaseung OZ0 : 3South Korea  Stork$1,610
2008-07-26AA1stA0Premier1v12008 Arena MSL2008 Arena MSLFOrGGLecaf OZLecaf OZ3 : 0South Korea  Jaedong$40,250
2008-07-06EC5 - 8thA0Premier1v1GOMTV TG Sambo-Intel Classic Season 1GOMTV TG Sambo-Intel Classic Season 1FOrGGLecaf OZLecaf OZ1 : 2South Korea  Shuttle$5,000
2007-11-17IG9 - 16thA0Premier1v12007 GOMTV MSL Season 32007 GOMTV MSL Season 3FOrGGLecaf OZLecaf OZ1 : 2South Korea  Nal_rA$1,635
Complete list of results in any tournament
MSL Champion
GOMTV MSL Season 4
Preceded By:
South Korea  Jaedong
Arena MSL
26th July 2008-16th November 2008
South Korea  fOrGG
ClubDay Online MSL
Succeeded By:
South Korea  Bisu

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