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[e][h]Protoss fOru
Player Information
Romanized Name:
Lee Jae Hoon
February 22, 1981 (age 43)
Alternate IDs:
[DaK]ddOng, [PrO]GunS.., zObi[saM]
Shining Toss, Papa Bear
Approx. Total Winnings:
2003 KeMongSa KPGA Tour Team League 2003 LifeZone KPGA Team League 2003 Neowiz Pmang Cup Proleague WCG 2005
????-??-?? — 2006-04-??
2006-04-?? — ????-??-??
2007-??-?? — 2009-??-??
????-??-?? — ????-??-??

Lee "fOru" Jae Hoon is a retired StarCraft progamer from South Korea who played Protoss for CJ Entus.


During fOru's height of recognition as a PvT specialist, he faced NaDa in a game where fOru held the advantage of having 5 expansions to NaDa's 1. fOru then built 50 gateways and produced masses of dragoons. Surprisingly, NaDa was not only able to hold off the onslaught, but also won the game.[1]


2005-10-201stPremierWCG 2005WCG 2005
Greatest OneGreatest One
2 : 0$20,000
2005-09-252ndMajorWCG Korea 2005WCG Korea 2005
Greatest OneGreatest One
1 : 2$1,936.47
2004-08-152ndMajorWCG Korea 2004WCG Korea 2004
Suma GOSuma GO
0 : 2$1,730.35
2004-07-174thPremier2004 SKY Proleague Round 12004 SKY Proleague Round 1
Suma GOSuma GO
6-4Grp S.-
2004-02-291stPremier2003 Neowiz Pmang Cup Proleague2003 Neowiz Pmang Cup Proleague
Suma GOSuma GO
4 : 1
Toona SGToona SG
2004-02-283rdPremierLG IBM MBC Team LeagueLG IBM MBC Team League
Suma GOSuma GO
2 : 4
4 Union4 Union
2003-12-1311th - 12thPremier2003 KT KTF Premier League
Suma GOSuma GO
0 : 1$3,000
2003-10-111stPremier2003 LifeZone KPGA Team League2003 LifeZone KPGA Team League
Suma GOSuma GO
4 : 1
Hanbit StarsHanbit Stars
2003-08-304thPremier2003 KTF EVER Cup Proleague2003 KTF EVER Cup Proleague
Greatest OneGreatest One
0 : 3
KTF MagicNsKTF MagicNs
2003-06-221stPremier2003 KeMongSa KPGA Tour Team League2003 KeMongSa KPGA Tour Team League
Greatest OneGreatest One
4 : 1
Extended list of results

WCG Champion
WCG 2004
Preceded By:
South Korea Terran XellOs
WCG 2005
20th October 2005 - 18th October 2006
South Korea Protoss fOru
WCG 2006
Succeeded By:
South Korea Terran iloveoov

Notable Games[edit]

River of Flames South Korea Protoss ForU 2002 KPGA 2nd Tour, "forUs 59 gateways vs. nada" - which were actually only about 40
South Korea Terran NaDa
Date: 2002-05-16
Patch: VOD