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A First-Person Video On Demand (FPVOD), is video that gives a player's in-game view of a StarCraft game. Players often use FPVODs to specifically show how other players perform and react to certain situations so that they can use similar strategies while playing. Players also often upload tutorial FPVODs to explain things to other players.

With the advent of video streaming platforms such as Twitch and Afreeca, FPVODs have become increasingly common and easy to access. Before these streaming routes gained popularity, videos of professional competitive StarCraft were largely the shared vision variety being broadcasted with commentating, which provides a decidedly different experience than the FPVOD.

In addition to FPVOD, the synonymous term FPV, or First Person Video or First Person View, is often used in the gaming community.

An actively cultivated archive of recent matches played by ex-pro-gamers, most of which are FPVODs, can be found in this Teamliquid forum thread

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