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[e][h]Terran Factory
Building Information
200 Vespene Gas 100 50
1250 1
V  F
Unlocked Tech:

The Factory is a Terran building that can be used to produce the Vulture, Siege Tank, and Goliath. No research upgrades can be directly performed on the Factory, but a Machine Shop add-on can be constructed onto the Factory that allows various upgrades relating to Factory-produced units. The Vulture can be produced with the Factory alone, while Tanks require the Machine Shop add-on. Finally, the Goliath can only be produced after the construction of the separate standalone building, the Armory.

In TvP match-ups, Factories and Factories with Machine Shops are commonly built in the early game to produce Mechanical unit armies. In TvZ match-ups, Factories are often delayed until mid-game as Terran often rely on Barrack-produced Bio armies early on.

Since many Terran strategies involving Mechanical unit armies, multiple Factories may be built, but the Terran player will only opt for the Machine Shop on a subset of them. In these strategies, Terran players must carefully organize the location of its Factories in constructing its Sim-City and to fit the maximum number of Factories in its main base, but can utilize the Lift Off ability of the Factory to aid in this process.

Unit Minerals Vespene Gas Supply Build Time Key
Vulture 75 0 2 19 V
Siege Tank 150 100 2 32 T
Goliath 100 50 2 25 G

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