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Fast Expand (Terran)

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The most common opening for Terran in StarCraft, the Fast Expand has defined StarCraft play in recent years. Fast Expanding follows the idea of a macro game: sacrificing some unit control in order to run the best economy possible. This article aims to abstractly define the flow of the Fast Expand in the TvZ, TvP, and TvT match-ups.

Terran vs Zerg[edit]

Standard TvZ play is defined by the Terran Ball against a Zerg army consisting of Ultralisks and Zerglings supported by Defilers. TvZ FE play follows this game flow:

  1. Terran Expands, Zerg pressures with Zerglings to Expand
  2. Terran reaches Medic tech, pressures Zerg to tech up
  3. Zerg reach Tier 2 Tech, prevents pressure with Mutalisks or Lurkers and takes his Third Gas Expansion
  4. Terran reaches Science Vessel Tech, takes his/her third gas and attempts a timing push
  5. Late game with Marines and Medics against Ultralisks and Zerglings

Another style of play that is quickly becoming more and more popular is Mechanical Terran vs Zerg, which currently follows the Fantasy Build.

Terran vs Protoss[edit]

Terran vs Protoss Fast Expand play is defined by the Terran Push with Vultures and Tanks against a Protoss army of Zealots and Dragoons support by either Arbiters or a retech to Carriers. Terran vs Protoss differs from TvZ in that both races have the option to put early pressure on their opponent. The standard TvP match-up follows this game flow.

  1. Protoss pressures with early Zealots or Dragoons and Expands OR
  2. Terran pressures with two Factories
  3. Between the Protoss expanding and when they reach Tier 2 Tech Terran can Pressure with a Vulture and Tank Push
  4. Protoss becomes able to effectively attack the Terran Push again with the Dragoon range and Zealot Speed upgrades
  5. Late game consists of Arbiter cloaked Protoss vs the Terran Push OR
  6. Protoss may retech to Carriers against Terran Goliaths

Terran vs Terran[edit]

Terran vs Terran play involves Factory tech units pitted against each other in long, drawn out games. TvT endgame is usually dropship play, not just in killing expansion but in attacking fortified positions on the map. //This Section will be filled in more once I complete the TvT Section