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Fast Nuke

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[e][h]TerranFast Nuke
Strategy Information

This build should only be used on maps with an easily-defended choke and is intended to break a Zerg's sunken wall.

Build Order[edit]

  • 8/10 Supply Depot
  • 10/10 Barracks (keep pumping Marines)
  • 13/18 Refinery
  • 15/18 Supply Depot
  • 20/26 Factory
  • 24/26 Supply Depot
  • 27/34 Starport + Control Tower / Barracks
  • 31/34 Supply Depot
  • 33/42 Science Facility + Covert Ops
  • 34/42 Academy
  • Engineering bay
  • Nuclear Silo

Build Order Clarification[edit]

- Upgrades that should be researched: Stim Pack > Marine Range > Terran infantry Weapons

More General Information[edit]


Initially block your choke with a tight wall and produce Marines to defend. It is important to prevent an overlord from scouting this build. When your force consists of approximately 16 Marines, 4 Medics, 1 Science Vessel, and 1 Ghost, push out towards the Zerg nat. If needed, a Defensive Matrix can be cast on your Ghost to prevent him from dying.


Continue with a normal bio build and adding an expansion. If more humiliation is required, switch to Battlecruisers.