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[e][h]Terran Firebat
Unit Information
Small Ground Unit
Built From:
Minerals 50 Vespene Gas 25 Build Time 15.12 Supply 1
Unit stats
50 1
Ground Damage:
8 (+1) Concussive DamageSplash Damage
17.32 (+2.16)
36.63 (+4.33) (Stim Pack)
Firebats do 3 attacks in a line. In practice, against most units, only 2 will hit, so DPS values are calculated in that scenario.
Flame Splash Radius
0.234 (15 px)
0.313 (20 px)
0.391 (25 px)
Fall-Off is always the same. It is 100% within the Inner radius, 50% within Medium, and 25% within Outer.

Value refers to number of cells in distance. (px / 64)

(Firebat attacks create 3 splash zones of equal size in a row before the Firebat with some overlap.)


The Firebat is a Terran infantry unit that is produced from the Barracks. Building it requires an Academy.

Its main attack is a ground-only flamethrower that consists of three small radial splash attacks in a line, each dealing 8 concussive damage at stock.[1] In most cases, units will be hit by two of these attacks, which is why the game presents the Firebat as dealing 16 base damage. However, attacking buildings or large units from various angles may land all three.

Firebats like Marines have the Stim Pack ability, giving it synergy with the Medic.

Firebats see niche play against Zerg, specifically to counter Zerglings in the late game. It has no competitive use against Terran and Protoss.


The Stim Pack ability is researched at the Academy.

Stim Pack
 100      100      50 (fastest)
Unlocks the Stim Pack ability on Marines and Firebats.


Cost: 10

Duration: 9.24 (Fastest)

Temporarily increases movement speed of itself by 50%, and reduces cooldown by 50%, effectively doubling its damage output. Effects are not cumulative. Can't be used if the unit has under 11 HP.

Competitive Usage[edit]

The Firebat only sees play against Zerg because the other races have no favorable matchups for it. While the Academy is built in all matchups, this is typically to unlock the Comsat Station rather than the Firebat.

versus Zerg[edit]

The Firebat has one specific use here, and that is roasting Zerglings. However, this is mostly limited to the late game, as Zerglings are fast enough to run around Firebats and target SCVs. Firebats also can't be massed early due to the looming threat of Mutalisks in the midgame, which Firebats can't attack. Therefore, for the early game, Terran players will generally stick to a Marine and Medic (M&M) bio build.

In the late game, the Firebat is able to attack units under a Dark Swarm due to its splash damage, and is effective against upgraded Zerglings. However, Terran must be careful to balance the Firebat and Marine count, as Firebats are ineffective against Lurkers and Ultralisks.

Historically, the Firebat was seen as part of the Sparks Terran rush, but this build is no longer seen in contemporary play.

versus Terran[edit]

Firebats are useless in this mech-dominated matchup. There is no strategic value in a short-range unit with low HP, as Siege Tanks dictate the battle lines and overall unit positioning. Vultures will easily kite any number of Firebats.

versus Protoss[edit]

Like the TvT matchup, Terran will transition to mech after the intial scouting Marines are built. Bio builds are not used against Protoss, as the Reaver and High Templar completely wreck Terran bio. The Vulture is a superior unit for attacking Probes and Zealots.

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