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The Fish Server, or 피쉬서버, also simply referred to as Fish, is a private Korean server for Starcraft: Brood War.[1] It has become known to the international scene due to the current shortage of competitive ladders[2]. It has about 10,000 - 15,000 users online during its peak hours (~6:00 PM - 12:00 PM KST), comprising of mostly Korean players.[3] Because the server and website is in Korean and have no translations available, the language barrier has usually driven many players to play on the ICCup instead.

Although there are players of all skill levels on Fish, the playerbase is generally considered much more skillful than even the best melee players on any other server due to the large number of ex-pro-gamers and strong amateurs. The higher skill level and language barrier are the primary reasons as to why beginners are urged to play on ICCup instead. [4].

As of 2019, the Fish server is no longer running.

Fish Ladders[edit]

The Fish Server operates a 1v1 Ladder and 2v2 Ladder that updates in real-time[5]. The Ladders reset on a regular basis, i.e. generally every three months, such that all accumulated Ladder points are expunged. The Ladder ranks range from F- to S, with the ranking determined by the points earned by the player. The Fish ladder provides an objective gauge of player skill or achievement, alongside other ranking systems such as Elo ratings and KeSPA rankings.

The rank assignments are divided per the table below[6][7][8][9][10][11][12]:

Current system (effective April 8, 2017)

Rank Points

Points for a game won/lost(effective April 8, 2017)

Previous system (July 17, 2015)

Rank Points
top 5% of players rank B
top 10% of players rank B

Previous system (April 1, 2015)

Rank Points
>3700 and top 5% of all users
>3700 and top 10% of all users

Previous system (January 3, 2015)

Rank Points
>3700 and top 1% of all users
>3700 and top 5% of all users

Previous system (2014)

Rank Points

Generally, the number of points gained by the victor and lost by the defeated are of equal in magnitude (in opposite directions) and totals 50 net.[11] That is, if 25 points are gained, or expressed as +25, by the winner, the losing player loses 25 points, or -25. More points are won in beating opponents who are higher ranked. Each disparity in rank results in five more points being exchanged than a match between equally ranked players. For example, a match between A-ranked players results in the same amount of points exchanged (+25/-25) as one between E-ranked players. If the A-ranked player competes against a B-ranked player, however, the former would exchange either +20 (in winning) or -30 (in losing) points -- in this example, the one rank difference between the two competitors results in a 5 more points exchanged (1 ranking difference x 5 points/ranking difference) than a game between equivalent ranks. Consequently, if the B-ranked player were to beat the A-ranked player, the former exchanges +30 (in winning) or -20 (in losing) points. Similarly, a two rank difference results in a +15 (in winning)/-35 (in losing) points swing for the higher ranked player, while the lower ranked player experiences a +35/-15 point swing.

Furthermore, effective January 1, 2015, players can earn win streak bonuses while getting penalized for losing streaks. For example, during a three consecutive win streak against an opponent of the same rank, the winner earns +25, +27, and +28 points, respectively, and so on. The win streak bonus is capped at +35 points (a winning streak of 6+). Correspondingly, losing three consecutive games would result in -25, -26, -27 points, and so on. the losing streak penalty is capped at -37 (losing streak of 8+).

To qualify as a ladder game, both players must have 30 or more melee wins and must have been logged-in for at least 48 hours total to the server (the remaining time can be checked by the server command /lc). A loss in a ladder game will subtract a win from one's melee win total, so players who dip below 30 wins may have to play further melee games to re-qualify for the ladder. The amount of meele wins gained or lost is affected by winning/losing streaks. New or reset ladder accounts start at 1000 points while the bottom floor is 150; players dropping below 150 points will have to reset their point totals to 1000.

Fish 1v1 Ladder players generally congregate in the "[ :: LADDER :: ]" channel. In years past, players would post their points status and readiness to play in the channel chat window as they to sought out potential opponents of a comparable skill level. With this practice, however, the channel chat window would quickly become flooded with with a wall of text, making it very difficult to decipher in finding a potential opponent. Nowadays, the Ladder channel chat is moderated, such that players must privately message, or whisper, their rankings to other comparably ranked players in locating a potential opponent. It is common to see players advertising their points status and availability to potential opponents with copied-and-pasted messages such as "CCCCCCCCC gogo!".

The de facto etiquette is for Ladder players to seek out potential opponents who are within one level of his/her rank, and rarely more than two. For example, a C-level player will seek out B, C, D-level players; in the absence of such players, however, the C-level player may also try to contact an A or E-level player. It is not possible to play a ladder game with opponents who are not within two levels of his/her rank. The Ladder channel is usually composed of mostly lower ranked F and E level players, with a lower number of intermediate D and C ranked players, and a handful of B and higher ranked players. As such, the Ladder ranking is usually inversely proportional to the number of potential opponents.

The highest ranks of the ladder are generally populated by ex-pro-gamers, many of whom stream on Afreeca when playing. Players who are common fixtures on the Ladder top 20 include Bisu, Larva, Mong, HiyA, Killer, hero, Shinee, Shuttle, Sea, Free, Piano, Jaehoon, ZerO, and sSak. Many top players have multiple accounts; since it is challenging to find opponents with comparably high rankings, the player will frequently restart his ascent up the Ladder with a new F-rank account as there are generally many more lower ranked players in the Ladder channel. A list of the known Fish Server account usernames are below.

When ex-pro-gamers play one another, they will commonly play a Best of 3 or Best of 5 series in melee mode, where no Ladder points are exchanged. Rather, these series are commonly wagered matches that are fan-sponsored.

Fish Server Commands[edit]

A variety of commands are available for users:[13][14]

  • /whois [user]: Looks up some basic information on a user, including their current location.
  • /w [user] (or /msg /whisper): Sends a private message to a user online regardless of the channel they are in.
  • /dnd all: "Do Not Disturb" - prevents ALL whispers from displaying to your screen. Its use is similar to the /away command. To turn the DND mode off, just type /dnd without a reason. This will prevent people from sending whispers to you while in a game as well. You are still able to see all normal public channel messages.
  • /ignore [user]: Ignores any future messages from that user effectively muting that user to you.
  • /stats [user]: Displays the player's Win/Loss/Disconnect record first for melee stats, then ladder 1v1, then 2v2 stats
  • /finger [user]: Displays more extensive information on a user, including their most recent IP address (the last two parts).
  • /f (or /friends): For adding, removing, or listing friends. (see here for more information)

List of Known Fish Server Usernames (Ex-pro, semi-pro, high level Korean amateurs)[edit]

Race Player Fish Username
Protoss Air [NeOx]mbc, best_10stork, intro)red, luxury.Air, intro)rex, Qus.Ace, We.Made
Terran Ample mannedhome, ErOs_KNR, surveyanalyst, Love.LTE, ErOs_Ample, Black[KaL], Ever)T(Turtle, [Lexus]Sana, Arbiterage
Protoss BackHo Amen[oO]
Zerg Bale 95, NsP_Pure, NsP_Bale
Zerg beast [NeOx]abuse, beast[kaL], etro_hyemi, glow`jinu, Jat.Girl, abercrombie, union`ufreeca, Dream.t)Line(?), jatgirl, allkill[kal]
Protoss BeSt Best[WHITE], []TEMPLE, ckdtka, NAMICHIL, SKTELECOMT1BEST, luve, 황족첼애우, ppty12, Moo.Dorin2, AtaeK
Protoss Bisu na1st, hehe1004, onlystar, taekdol, zehojo, fa1con, na1st[Shield], Bisu[Shield], Bisu2, [NeOx]yong2
Protoss blssOm ever)P(say, ever)P(Horang2, airforce, baskin.lish, s.player, Horang2
Protoss Britney [NeOx]What9, Moo.Daegari
Zerg By.Spire By.Spire, [NeOx]SsaL, BJ
Protoss By.Sun/By.Rain Pangya, Sarin_Rain, ziku, Moo.Arena
Protoss Byuckdichi/Byuckdichi[yG] muljomdao, mooljomdao1, muljomdao1, mooljomdao
Zerg Calm Calm[KaL], eeeee, PoKKAA
Terran Center Kaiser
Zerg Child Sarin_Child
Zerg Cola ._pOse, boragood, powerberry, ggobuk.otl, ErO.pOse, TeemO.pOse, Ever)Z(Max
Terran ClouD d.i.v.a
Zerg EffOrt maecro, Mae[Shield], mae, MaeSaeGgi, bangjangjotgga, 297[297], smilebird, hea1979, ysa5846, [NeOx]99, RawLiet, maemoddi, SonHakKyu
Zerg Fengzi Fengzi, cqusa_qiqi
Terran Firebathero dibo, gogigogihot, LiamNeeson
Terran Flash TimeNa, eros_quality, FlaSh, [NeOx]205, [NeOx]FlaSh
Protoss Fomos HONGMAN Neagle, C.toss, alphago.pOse, Youso2u, tosssin, footdoje, handsomeda
Zerg force[Name] eocjstk, crown[scm], ran2, forceup, zulja, [NeOx]Force
Protoss Free Thecute, free.y
Zerg ggaemo KT.MGW)SHK
Zerg GoRush cztaemin
Protoss GuemChi Minus)Gold, IamMang, ChinaMang, noxa, Cbul_(l), OME[BonJwa], [NeOx]MokPo, Sexy_No.1, 10[Sad], Moo.Mang
Zerg hero By.herO, herO[GOM], [NeOx]GOM, [NeOx]SPRING, [NeOx]1102
Zerg HoGiL NsP_Zerg, Painter, NsP_Alt[F4], ZerG[ScM]
Terran hOn_sin/BrAvO bro
Terran HiyA Terran, [NeOx]Carp, Cbul_olo, SubwayQuick, Union`nansa, Zizu, Moolgogi[Sado], Ki[SaDO], Dorin2[WHITE]
Zerg HoeJJa itankitank, HoeJJA
Protoss Horang2 Ever)P(Horang2, SaSin)Horang2, waiting, Moo.Rang2
Terran Hwasin Mo.Hwasin
Zerg Hyuk LoveChuLsk, Sarin_June, cinzi
Zerg HyuN Gochuno, ggBj, wGm.DoG, michingae
Terran IcaruS LoveCaffe, SeolHaRang, BaeSujy, HongSeol, Hyeona-, dreamhigh, NsP_Asuna, suzy, eros_asuna, Pixy, Terran[ScM], Tank, Hestia[Shield], Boy, KwonBoA, dariusmilhaud, zkzkllk, leearam, Moo.DaePo, volvo500, He.S.Kale, Obwin
Zerg (iOps)..Jin IntrO)jOy
Terran IriS Sarin_S2, Sarin_saram, 30yearsold, mae-3-, 31yearsold, Sarin_Berserker
Zerg Jaedong 424, jiko, n.Die_Jaedong, jd, Moo.JD
Protoss Jaehoon [NeOx]Bermuda, butangass, jat.bermuda, mcfly, 4tim`keke`, stone, Ever)P(Bermuda, Ever)P(Sharp, jaehoon777, CasePPP, aoa
Protoss JangBi Dream.t)Jangbi, yMoO, Dream.t)yMoO, chobouser11
Zerg July commentary (shared), fantajuly
Protoss Kal GooJila[KaL], SadEyes, toot),kpmgkorea
Zerg Kwanro Dream.t)Gangyu, Freebong, Shinnie, butcherzerg, Luv[ScM]
Zerg Killer Killer[White], Choboda, [P.sD]Z.ling, Bestkaian, maekiller, given, zerg, StartTAC
Random Kim Carrier ACe)Spade
Zerg Larva [NeOx]HOng9, [Neox]CoLa, IntrO)Hong9, electricity, akzk123, Lange, serana1, Larva, Fantastic.pOse, qwedddd, sarin_552
Terran Last ashley18, Ever)T(aShley, hild, lind, mokaland, Tossgaesagi, Zerggaesagi, Melverc, GoSu, Bani, jeonsul, Ever)T(Last, alphago, momoka, BJ-hyunjae, Moo.Last,
Protoss Lazy NsP_lazy, koreaSBG, TossUser1
Terran Leta Shield, Leta[Shield], hurumiya, Leta
Terran Light mulgoginaksi, StarMaster, Eros_Light, ErOs_DEC, fora, Native_Lt, Moo.howOo
Terran LiveForever [Neox]FanTaStic
Protoss Luna mOtorcycle
Zerg MaeJang/NtO`MaeJang ChaeLyn, ChaeLyn[Name], NtO`MaeJang, N.s)Z(MaeZang
Protoss M18M/StarDust Dream.T)Brain, Dream.T)D.Star
Terran Mercury NsP_Just, ekresrnwern1
Terran Minam Dream.t)cool, LindsayLohan, baechigi[name], witnessme
Terran Mind Mind[White], Project, koreakorea123, mind23232, guessfree, Moo.Dok4
Protoss Mini NahyunJung, EverPMini, Qus.redgom, ckdbstj, [NeOx]FieSta, Parkeunbe, Ever)P(Waggu, Hasune, Tears[S.O], Ever)P(IU, pF.Mini, wGm.Mini
Protoss Minus)Eagle Holy[KaL]
Zerg MIsO Dy[shield], aimar21, dkrekhd, Lifechange, Miso[Shield], rjsQkd, mi.oo, hdy, Where, Moo.zzaL, ICstar, GFB
Zerg Modesty zinx1, Lets, Ever)P(NO
Terran Mong Mong, Choigoon, Gowoon, Monster[WHITE], [P.sD])Goliath, HONEYNCHIP, zeroboy, [NeOx](`oo`), usemapgoodgood, Fishbanmong, Chicken, Moo.(`oo`)
Protoss Movie Jin[movie], Xavier[SAINT], Movie[KaL], SUPERNATURAL
Terran NaDa NaDa, GeniusTerran
Protoss Nal_rA 5dronegg, nalra5dronegg, 4dronegg
Protoss Noble NsP_Zest, vips.staff, vips.chef
Protoss Olympus Olympus, NsP_QumSin, Gvoot, Ever)P(QumSin
Protoss Perfectman blacknute
Terran PianO Myth.siva, myth.agni, seerainbow, urban, david, jicmanup, TT3TT, soulfucker, kka, Cen.ta, medusa8919, 123[[, noin[sad], organ[sad], vvv.o__O, organ[[[[[, 204[[[[[, blossom_heeya, rockyzero
Protoss Pure 7000won, 7000won[WHITE], 4000won
Protoss Pusan labak, Mi.PilLabak2, Pusan​​[S.G], JatNaldo, (2016)KespA31[S.G]
Protoss RainBOw ErOs_Rainbow, ErOs_Sense
Protoss Reach R2ach
Terran Really ErOs_OutSider, Eros_Really
Terran Reality Ganziterran1
Terran Rush gusrl0888, Rush[Shield], Moksaeggi, OUR
Zerg s2 hosun, Do.Z, Afurica
Zerg saber gosu., phenomenon_lt
Zerg sAviOr [NeOx]1123, akwo, ceres[myth]
Terran Scan Bright[KaL], Minus)tmzos, Scan[KaL], [road],, vktnlf
Terran Sea noinsung, moulton, [NeOx]XIAda, apm90[WHITE], yuambo[shield], Sea[Shield], Tg.prince, [Neox]Ada95,[NeOx]spring
Protoss Sea.KH Ever)P(est, FrOg
Terran Sexy [NeOx]Hero, GongJu, HerO.LTE, bud, [neox]time, hite[mvp], pokgun, -_color, history, HerO[S.G], Sejung, Sarin_herO
Zerg Shark commentary (shared)
Terran Sharp NsP_Sharp, girlsdayzzang4, Karazzang4, NsP_note, Beyonce, JJamTiger, IWC, wGm.Sharp, JoGiTube
Zerg Shine jwy05, Shine[kaL], wGm.Shine
Terran Shinee Ever)P(Luffy, StarCraft, Frog, shed, costly, TossOneTop, ErOs_Onetop, nOmOshOw, Trying, bikey78, ErOs_dinosaur, Sarin_ggoma, kh8774, ivOryAce, Moo.onekill, [arirang], 39yearsold
Protoss Shuttle EyeWater[WHITE], Ever)P(ShowTime, marsbeen, DdongNemse, Ever)p(waggu, Ever)P(JJ, laka(beak)6704, sanjida, season, TN_EyeWater`, sinsagom, 1234[[[[[, Demi, WaterEye[WHITE], Robben, [NeOx]Eyewater
Protoss Sky Ever)P(Sure, Pass[KaL], [NeOx]byul82, [neox]hachi, VanPersie, OMG_SKY, Mi.nam, red.alert, 15705967, aoA, MissU.BHJ, SARIN_SKY, _G.G_, 90geun, ShoNS, dduddo
Terran sKyHigh Yeomsi, zobs, wGm.zobs
Terran Smile nto`head, nto`R1, DaPenDa
Zerg Snail [NeOx]Snail
Protoss Snow By.Snow, kiss_lt, ever)p(, gg_play, rainy[hyo], wkddbscjf, wGm.Snow, zzoogizzoogi, luvstar
Zerg Soulkey Lock, soulkey[shield], Moo.Byuk, Neo.G_Soulkey
Terran sSak `Byebye`, [NeOx]sSak, seul, jusuk., mo.nster, Mo.sSak, Garura
TerranZerg Star tasiki, miSa, kanda, Aisukokoa, Skuld
Zerg StarCue [NeOx]Jid
Protoss Stork i(-.-)i, SBG, [NeOx]BG, Stork
Zerg TaezO [NeOx]TaezO, TaezO[Name]
Zerg Terror [NeOx]s6e9x, [NeOx]Chul9
Terran trOt trOt[shield], HappyHaJa
Protoss TheRock Sarin_therock, Sarin_Hades
Protoss Tyson GinkGO, Hyung2da.pOse, Review, ToHolic, Pray`Tara_P, Han.pOse, Public, So..`Peace, mighty, King.2, Mi.nD, Zebra, Focus, Ssak, Jinzzagosu, Sinhae, MelonBJ
Zerg yerim2 NtO`Yerim2, Uganda, RaTe, bahaeng, GamjaTang, agumon, ziko, Axiyo[Shield]
Zerg ZeLoT ZeLoT[Kal], SeeingSounds, mongkok, ZeLoT`Bit, park-cham, eyewater[BLACK], Sarin_ZeLoT
Zerg ZergMan Sarin_June
Zerg ZergStyLe Ever)Z(ergstyle
Zerg ZerO Myth.Ra, TheFirst, Kaka[WHITE], SuTaMandoo, [NeOx]92, Sarin_Zero, Moo.Queen
Protoss Zeus [neox]zeus, QTGIRL, JAT.70TAEKYU, dorai, ever)P(zeus

List of Foreigner Usernames on Fish[edit]

Race Player Fish Username
Protoss Arcneon arcneon
Protoss Bonyth bonyth, able.bonyth, p-bonyth[alive]
Protoss Dewalt razgriz, dewalt
Zerg Eonzerg iFU.eOnzErG, nisennenmondai
Zerg Pauline iFU.pauline, nisennenmondai
Terran Spx iFU.spx
Terran Cryoc iFU.Cryoc
Protoss Lancerx lancerx
Zerg TrutaCz minus)trutacz
Zerg Ty2 ty2
Protoss TT1 TT1

Points and Mall[edit]

When an account reaches three days of age and plays at least one game, the account is introduced to the point system, called Point Center or 포인트센터 on the official website, which can only be accessed by logging into the site using a Fish Server account that meets the mentioned qualifications. You accumulate points by logging in, playing games, and involving yourself in clans and forum activities on the website. Users can purchase products from the Point Mall or 포인트몰 such as flairs, customized chat channels, ladder stat resets and all-server chat known as 포인트ANN. These products are rented, meaning you pay per day. Products may also be refunded if they have not been used, as they are not activated by default. There is also a gambling program on the website you can bet your points on by completing tasks such as quizzes and progamer history, but it is only offered in Korean.