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[e][h]Protoss free
Player Information
Romanized Name:
Yoon Yong Tae
July 14, 1988 (1988-07-14) (age 33)
Alternate IDs:
free[gm], pretty[gm]
Battle God, God of Thunder, 6 Million Won Ace
Total Earnings:
CasterMuse StarLeague Season 4
2005-08-11 — 2008-09-??
2008-09-?? — 2013-10-01

Yoon "free" Yong Tae is a StarCraft progamer from South Korea who played Protoss for Woongjin Stars.

He currently plays in amateur leagues on Afreeca.


Boasting solid macro and micro, Free is a well-rounded player that prefers to play standard macro games. Renowned for his PvZ, he has the second highest career winning percentage in PvZ behind Bisu and the third highest PvZ ELO peak. Throughout his career, he has repeatedly come close to becoming an S-class player but has not yet been able to gain this distinction for falling short in individual leagues.

Free's breakout season came in 2007 when he began to do exceptionally well in Proleague. From 2007-2009, Free was his team's workhorse. Despite being the only standout on his team, Free was reportedly only earning $5000 a year [though this situation changed when Woongjin acquired Hanbit]. With teammate Daezang in the army and GGplay slumping after his OSL victory, Free did not have much of a supporting cast and was his team's unanimous Ace. But despite a great Proleague record, he had difficulty making it past the Ro8 in individual leagues.

In the GOM3 MSL, he was unfortunate enough to meet sAviOr in the Ro8, losing 1-3. In the Club Day MSL, he managed to eliminate Jaedong with a score of 2-1, destroyed Nada 3-0, but lost 1-3 in the semifinals against the eventual winner, Bisu. Several months later, he was a hopeful for the GOM Classic Season 2 title, but suffered a 0-3 defeat in the semifinals at the hands of Jangbi.

Since Zero's breakout in 2009, the transfer of Kwanro, and the rise of Neo.G_Soulkey, Free's Ace duties have been shared with various teammates. He showed some success in individual leagues, making the semifinals of both the Hana Daetoo MSL and the Korean Air OSL Season 2. In both these semifinals he was pitted against Flash and lost 0-3 and 1-3 respectively. This makes a total of 4 semifinals in which Free was eliminated by the eventual winner.

2012 - Present[edit]

After the exodus of KESPA to Starcraft 2, he started participating in Amateur leagues and streaming on the Korean streaming platform Afreeca. He has enjoyed some success in tournaments, but he has yet to win anything in the Amateur scene and only got a forth place finish in the 11th SonicTV Starleague after losing to Mind in the match for third place. Free managed to qualify for the Afreeca Starleague Season 2 with a win over by.Spire in the Seoul Qualifier. He was seeded into Group C of the ASL Season 2, which included Stork, Rush and MIsO. After winning his initial game against MIsO Free lost to Stork and Rush and dropped out of Group C in third place.


The left side shows Free's overall record as of May 13, 2013, while the right side shows his statistics during the Era of the Six Dragons from September 1, 2008 to March 31, 2009:

Total Era of the Six Dragons
Games Wins Loses Ratio Games Wins Loses Ratio
vs. Terran 161 89 72 55.3% 28 20 8 71.43%
vs. Zerg 151 86 65 57.0% 20 15 5 75.0%
vs. Protoss 131 70 61 53.4% 23 11 12 47.84%
Total 443 245 198 55.3% 71 46 25 64.79%


2021-02-28BA2ndA0PremierTeamASTL Season 2ASTL Season 2FreeeSport.fundeSport.fund3 : 4LOGINmediaLOGINmedia$1,111
2021-01-16AA1stA1Major1v1CasterMuse StarLeague Season 4CasterMuse StarLeague Season 4Free4 : 3South Korea  BeSt$3,622
2017-06-10BA2ndA0Premier1v1SSL Classic Season 1SSL Classic Season 1Free1 : 3South Korea  EffOrt$4,340
2015-08-23DA4thA0Premier1v111th SonicTV BJ Starleague11th SonicTV BJ StarleagueFree1 : 3South Korea  Mind$1,698
2010-09-02CA3 - 4thA0Premier1v12010 Korean Air OSL Season 22010 Korean Air OSL Season 2FreeWoongjin StarsWoongjin Stars1 : 3South Korea  Flash$5,600
2010-05-13CA3 - 4thA0Premier1v1Hana Daetoo Securities MSLHana Daetoo Securities MSLFreeWoongjin StarsWoongjin Stars0 : 3South Korea  Flash$4,025
2009-02-01CA3 - 4thA0Premier1v1GOMTV Averatec-Intel Classic Season 2GOMTV Averatec-Intel Classic Season 2FreeWoongjin StarsWoongjin Stars0 : 3South Korea  JangBi$7,239
2008-11-15CA3 - 4thA0Premier1v12008 Club Day Online MSL2008 Club Day Online MSLFreeWoongjin StarsWoongjin Stars1 : 3South Korea  Bisu$4,025
2008-06-12EC5 - 8thA0Premier1v12008 Arena MSL2008 Arena MSLFreeHanbit StarsHanbit Stars1 : 3South Korea  Much$1,610
2007-11-17EC5 - 8thA0Premier1v12007 GOMTV MSL Season 32007 GOMTV MSL Season 3FreeHanbit StarsHanbit Stars1 : 3South Korea  sAviOr$2,180
Complete list of results in any tournament
Other Major Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2014-08-30 A22nd Xenix' 7th National PC Bang Event 0 : 2  Sharp $500


  • Free was one of the six Protoss dragons
  • Free's weakest match-up is PvP, which usually hovers around the 50% rate.
  • Free's strongest match-up is PvZ. Though his PvT is solid, he has continued to perform well in PvZ even during times when most other protoss have struggled.
  • Free is known for his battle micro and small unit control. In Korean he is nicknamed, "Battle God"
  • also nicknamed "6 Million Won Ace" because even when he was playing as the Ace for Woongjin Stars he received the same payment as his practice partners, ₩500,000 KRW (~435$) [1]

Notable Games[edit]




  • free vs Jaedong - infamous game in which free uses an army heavily composed of archons and reavers


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