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[e][h]Gaema Gowon
[Ragnarok]Valkyrie, Rose.of.Dream.
Jungle World
Spawn Positions:
4 at 2,5,8,11
Competition Span:
Jul 2002 – Feb 2004


Gaema Gowon is a 4-player map for Starcraft: Brood War. After its debut in 2002 it became a popular map on as well as in Korean leagues. A new version called Sin Gaema Gowon was released in 2003, and it was one of the maps selected for the first ever OGN Proleague. Though the map features many imbalances today (such as its wide-open natural which practically forces 1-base play), it is fondly remembered as a memorable and legendary map from the early days of Starcraft competition.[3]

The map shows some mild similarities to Lost Temple, and as the positional (and general) imbalances of Lost Temple began to grate on the community, Gaema Gowon was often played instead. The map features a high ground main, a low ground natural expansion, and a high ground mineral-only third that is easy to defend once the natural expansion has been secured. Like Lost Temple it features a rocky center, and unlike Lost Temple the natural expansion is somewhat more protected by unbuildable terrain.

Zerg players struggled on this map over the course of its lifetime, often being unable to take and hold expansions against Terran.[4] Protoss struggled against Zerg in 2003, but as the game evolved the PvZ stats began to equalize. At the end of Sin Gaema Gowon's lifetime, Terran beat Zerg 76-43 (63.9%), and Zerg beat Protoss 39-24 (61.9%)[5]. These imbalances eventually rendered the map obsolete, but only after several seasons of memorable games across several Proleagues and Starleagues.

The Starcraft: Brood War map Fantasy is cobbled together from four different maps, one of them being Gaema Gowon.

Notable Features[edit]

  • Exposed natural - Once considered an interesting feature that led to wild games, the exposed natural did lead to many imbalances and often mandated 1-base play.
  • Unbuildable terrain in front of natural - Now a common terrain feature, designed to prevent (among other things) overpowering hard contains.
  • Backdoor/mineral only - A 3rd mineral only base, that also doubles as a backdoor into the main.
  • Large mains - The main is fairly large and is very easy to sneak in and pull of Vulture or Tank drops, or for Zerg 'sneak' in a doom drop.
  • Open center - Creates positional play with many flanking maneuvers

Notable Games[edit]

Notable Game
Gaema Gowon South Korea  Boxer TVing OSL Legends Show Match
South Korea  Yellow
Date: 2012-08-05
Patch: VOD

Map version images[edit]