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Gambit Cup/Results/Finals

From Liquipedia StarCraft Brood War Wiki


LRM Finals sasNb
Germany  Kolll Neo Aztec Poland  Mazur
Poland  Choosy New Bloody Ridge Finland  Lossilohi
Germany  Bakuryu Gladiator Hungary  Ace
North Macedonia  OctZerg Tau Cross Hungary  Kashu
Poland  Pike Heartbreak Ridge Peru  TerrOr
United States  Game Icarus United Kingdom  Karate
Poland  Pike Neo Aztec Poland  Mazur
sasNb defeats LRM 4-3
sasNb leads series 1-0
LRM Finals sasNb
Germany  Bakuryu Icarus Peru  TerrOr
Sweden  OyA Neo Aztec Hungary  Sziky
Germany  Kolll New Bloody Ridge Hungary  Kashu
Poland  Pike Gladiator United Kingdom  Karate
Poland  Choosy Tau Cross Finland  Lossilohi
North Macedonia  OctZerg Heartbreak Ridge Poland  Mazur
Germany  Kolll Icarus Hungary  Sziky
sasNb defeats LRM 4-3
sasNb wins series 2-0
LRM is eliminated from The Gambit's Cup
sasNb are the champions of The Gambit's Cup