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Game Speed is a value that adjusts the time it takes for the game to perform each Logical Step.[1] Fastest is the default speed for custom and ladder matches.

Logical Step[edit]

Brood War uses Logical Steps to run all of the game-important time-sensitive functions. Every time-based mechanic, such as attack speed, movement speed, and build times, are all based off of this. Logical Steps have a delay between them, and this is the game speed.

Game Speeds[edit]

Each game speed puts a different delay, in milliseconds, between each Logical Step. This is as follows:

  • Slowest = 167 milliseconds.
  • Slower = 111 milliseconds.
  • Slow = 83 milliseconds.
  • Normal = 67 milliseconds.
  • Fast = 56 milliseconds.
  • Faster = 48 milliseconds.
  • Fastest = 42 milliseconds.

Movement Speed[edit]

The raw movement speed values, basically, are calculated in pixels per Logical Step. For movement speeds that are controlled via the Iscript.bin file, movement speeds are only approximate averages. Here is a list of all the unit's raw movement speed values:

Ground Units[edit]


Unit name Speed
Probe 4.92
Zealot 4
Zealot (upg.) 6
Dragoon 5.25
High Templar 3.2
Dark Templar 4.92
Archon 4.92
Dark Archon 4.92
Reaver 1.78


Unit name Speed
SCV 4.92
Marine 4
Firebat 4
Medic 4
Ghost 4
Marine (stim) 6
Firebat (stim) 6
Vulture 6.4
Vulture (upg.) 9.6
Goliath 4.57
Siege Tank 4


Unit name Speed
Drone 4.92
Zergling 5.49
Zergling (upg.) 8.24
Hydralisk 3.66
Hydralisk (upg.) 5.49
Lurker 5.82
Broodling 6
Infested Terran 5.82
Defiler 4
Ultralisk 5.12
Ultralisk (upg.) 7.68

Air Units[edit]


Unit name Speed
Shuttle 4.44
Shuttle (Upg.) 6.67
Observer 3.33
Observer (Upg.) 5
Corsair 6.67
Scout 5
Scout (Upg.) 6.67
Carrier 3.33
Interceptor 13.33
Arbiter 5


Unit name Speed
Wraith 6.67
Dropship 5.47
Valkyrie 6.6
Science Vessel 5
Battlecruiser 2.5


Unit name Speed
Overlord 0.83
Overlord (Upg.) 3.33
Queen 6.67
Scourge 6.67
Mutalisk 6.67
Devourer 5
Guardian 2.5

Cells Per Second[edit]

The Movement Speed that is seen on a unit's Liquipedia page is listed in the amount of full cells it will cross in a second based on the game speed. A cell is always 32 pixels wide and 32 pixels long. A map can only be 256 cells by 256 cells at maximum and only 64, 96, 128, 192, and 256 values for height and length are possible using the regular map editor.[Note 1]

The formula for calculating movement speed is raw speed * 1000 / 42 / 32.

Turning Speed[edit]

When a unit changes direction, it turns. The rate at which it turns is controlled by Turning Speed. A unit will turn its turning rate in degrees every frame when turning. Although it appears units have only 32 facings, the facings are actually fully 360 degrees.


Some units accelerate. This is the amount of speed they gain each Logical Step before they reach their maximum speed. Related is Halt Distance which is the distance in pixels from the point they were ordered to go to when they will begin to subtract their acceleration rate from their current speed. Units that are ordered to stop or hold position will still subtract their acceleration from their current speed.

Rush Distance[edit]

Rush Distances on the Map Pages are based on a Worker's traveling time.

The standard format look like this (add appropriate spots / timings)

This is measured by the speed of a Worker

Spot 12:3 12:6 12:9 3:6 3:9 6:9
Main 34s 33s 31s 30s 24s 35s
Natural 34s 33s 31s 30s 24s 35s


Cooldown, or attack speed, is the delay in Logical Steps that it takes for a unit to reload and be able to fire it's weapon again. The Cooldown that is seen on a unit's Liquipedia page will be listed as per second in real-time on Fastest game speed. The formula to calculate this is raw cooldown * game speed / 1000.

Here is a list of every unit's raw cooldown:

Ground Units[edit]


Unit name Cooldown
Probe 22
Zealot 22
Dragoon 30
High Templar 30 (Unused)
Dark Templar 30
Archon 20
Dark Archon none
Reaver 60
Photon Cannon (Ground) 22
Photon Cannon (Air) 22


Unit name Cooldown
SCV 15
Marine 15
Marine (stim) 7.5
Firebat 22
Firebat (stim) 11
Medic none
Ghost 22
Vulture 30
Goliath (Ground) 22
Goliath (Air) 22
Siege Tank (Tank Mode) 37
Siege Tank (Siege Mode) 75
Missile Turret 15


Unit name Cooldown
Drone 22
Zergling 8
Zergling (Adrenal Glands) 6
Hydralisk 15
Lurker 37
Broodling 15
Infested Terran 0
Defiler 22 (Unused)
Ultralisk 15
Sunken Colony 32
Spore Colony 15

Air Units[edit]


Unit name Cooldown
Shuttle none
Observer none
Corsair 8
Scout (Ground) 30
Scout (Air) 22
Carrier Unknown
Interceptor Unknown
Arbiter 45


Unit name Cooldown
Wraith (Ground) 30
Wraith (Air) 22
Dropship none
Valkyrie 64
Science Vessel none
Battlecruiser (Ground) 30
Battlecruiser (Air) 30


Unit name Cooldown
Overlord none
Queen none
Scourge 0
Mutalisk 30
Devourer 100
Guardian 30


Damage Per Second is calculated by taking the damage a unit does and then dividing it by the cooldown converted to real-time seconds (ex: 0.63 on the Marine). For the Marine, this comes out to 9.523.


Although not specifically stated or obvious, quite a few abilities actually do have a cooldown. The cooldown is how many Logical Steps a unit must wait before it can use the same spell again. Just to name a few abilities that do, there is Psionic Storm, Disruption Web, Mind Control, Yamato Cannon, laying a Spider Mine, Optical Flare, and Restoration. Here are the raw values extracted from DAT files:


Spell Cooldown
Spider Mine 22
Yamato Gun 15
Irradiate 75
Restoration 22
Optical Flare 22


Spell Cooldown
Psi Storm 45
Disruption Web 22
Mind Control 22
Feedback 22

Build Time[edit]

Build Time is the amount of Logical Steps something takes to be built. This includes units, structures, and upgrades. The Build Times you will see on something's Liquipedia page will be in real-time seconds on Fastest game speed. The formula for this is raw Build Time * game speed / 1000. The build time on the Wiki will all be listed for the fastest game speed.

Ground Units[edit]

Note that these do not include the hatching frames of the Egg iscript, which the impact on the final build time is debatable, these are only the values directly from the .DAT files that contain statistics for the units. Morphs do not include the time of the base unit (Such as Hydralisk->Lurker)


Unit name Build Time
SCV 300
Marine 360
Firebat 360
Ghost 750
Medic 450
Vulture 450
Goliath 600
Siege Tank 750


Unit name Build Time
Probe 300
Zealot 600
Dragoon 750
High Templar 750
Dark Templar 750
Reaver 1050
Scarab 105
Archon 300
Dark Archon 300


Unit name Build Time
Drone 300
Zergling 420
Hydralisk 420
Lurker 600
Infested Terran 600
Ultralisk 900
Defiler 750

Air Units[edit]


Unit name Build Time
Wraith 900
Dropship 750
Valkyrie 750
Science Vessel 1200
Battlecruiser 2000


Unit name Build Time
Scout 1200
Corsair 600
Arbiter 2400
Carrier 2100
Observer 600
Shuttle 900


Unit name Build Time
Overlord 600
Mutalisk 600
Scourge 450
Queen 750
Guardian 600
Devourer 600


Casting Time[edit]

Very few abilities use Casting Time, or Channeling Time. Casting Time is the time it takes for the unit to use the ability after being ordered to use it on their target. Yamato Cannon, Burrow, and Recall to name some of the only ones that do.[citation needed]

Regeneration Rates[edit]

Regeneration for health, energy, and shields is a little bit complicated. In order to calculate the actual regeneration per second, first you have to determine how long it takes to generate 1 energy. To do this, you must do (256/X)*gamespeed/1000. Plugging in the energy regen per frame of 8, we get (256/8)=32*42/1000=1.344. Now with this, we can divide 1 into this number to get the actual regen per second. For energy, this is 0.744 energy per second on Fastest game speed.

Here is a list of all regenerations (including drains) per second on fastest game speed[2]:

Type Regen
Energy 0.744
Life Regen 0.372
Shield Battery 119.047
Shields 0.651
Medic Heal 18.601
Heal Cost -9.300
Ghost Cloaking -1.674
Wraith Cloaking -0.930
Structure Burning -1.860
Shield Battery (Cost) -59.523

Here is the same list but with the actual data values from the reference above:

Type Regen
Energy 8
Life Regen 4
Shield Battery 1280
Shield Battery (Cost) -640
Shields 7
Medic Heal 200
Medic Heal Cost -100
Ghost Cloaking -18
Wraith Cloaking -21
Structure Burning -20

To determine the drain of say Ghost's Cloaking it may be appropriate to take the raw values, add them together, then convert them using the formula. For instance, to calculate Ghost's cloaking cost you would go -18 + 8 = -10, then do the usual formula. An alternative formula to the one above is also 1 / ((256 / X) / Game Speed), which may be more appropriate though it is debatable.


  1. It is possible have a map with custom dimensions down to 20x12 with special editors, but a regular-sized map will have to be played first, or the game will crash.