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GarmBot is a bot for Brood_War, written by the French student Aurélien Lermant at EPITA. As of June 2015, it is a relatively new bot, but with comparatively strong macro and recuperation skills.


Defeated SSCAIT2014 winner LetaBot in its third game on the SSCAIT stream.



GarmBot is a macro-heavy bot. The main strategy is to take as many bases as possible, and produce a mass of units all over the map. The units don't fight as a group, but act individually and use hit-and-run tactics to compensate for being outnumbered. Eventually, with enough bases, the ressource/production advantage is so overwhelming that the enemy army is defeated by units attacking from everywhere.

GarmBot has good recuperations skills, as it is able to rebuild any destroyed base or tech building.

Garmbot can build the following units: Zerglings, Hydralisks, Mutalisks, Queens, Guardians, Devourers, Defilers. The army composition is adapted in real time based on the enemy units encountered.

The following upgrades are researched:

GarmBot also uses some spells:


None so far.


GarmBot is based on a multi-agent system. This means there are no "global commands" for military units. Each units will take its own decisions.