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[e][h]Protoss GoOdy
Player Information
Sascha Lupp
October 27, 1985 (age 38)
Alternate IDs:
2Good4You, Eisregen
Approx. Total Winnings:
????-??-?? — ????-??-??
????-??-?? — ????-??-??
????-??-?? — ????-??-??
????-??-?? — ????-??-??
????-??-?? — 2010-??-??
????-??-?? — 2018-??-??

Sascha "GoOdy'" Lupp was a German Protoss player and former member of ESC ICY Box.


Sascha "GoOdy" Lupp was born on 27th October 1985 in Germany. He studied computer sciences in Bochum[1] and plays StarCraft II professionally.

Brood War[edit]

Sascha "GoOdy" Lupp began his Brood War career around 2001, after a friend introduced him to the game[2]. He first played under the nickname "WWW)2Good4You(" on money maps like Big Game Hunters. Lupp soon transitioned to the more popular low maps and played in several known German teams. He first gained some notability after he won smaller tournaments in 2003 playing as Terran[3]. In the early seasons of BWCL the Terran was member of one of Germany's traditional clans - the ivy Amateur team. In his first seasons GoOdy had relatively good records and was among the best 25 players of the league[4]

Even though GoOdy was able to compete with Germanys strongest players in late 2003, he was still overtowered by either pro Gamings or the Templars of Twilights better players. However, the Terran was invited rather soon into Germany's national team due to his strong performances. In the months after his first smaller wins GoOdy trained hard and consequently improved bit by bit. In March 2004 the German could win World Gaming Tours 2on2 ladder with Dashwriter[5]. His first bigger success was to qualify for WCG Germany 2004, where he beat the bronze medallist Methos in the Winner Bracket; despite this good result he missed to qualify for the main event in San Francisco. Meanwhile he participated in the third Giga Grandslam, but couldn't advance from group stage. In late August 2004 he was able to win BW4Ever Season 3's ninth tournament and defeat ZpuX and WCG 2004 bronze medallist Christian on his way.

In August 2005 GoOdy's skill peaked: he was able to qualify for the WCG Germany a second time, qualified for Giga's fifth Grandslam and the ESL Pro Series VII. He still lacked a consistent form and thusly missed to qualify for WCG 2005 and the final stages of the Pro Series, even though he beat a number of Germany's most experienced players. However, he could defeat FiSheYe with a 2-1 in the Grandslam and eventually won the silver medal, losing only with a 0-2 to Mondragon.

During 2006 Lupp slowly started to fade, his APM Ratio was always very low, but at this time he couldn't compensate his low mechanics with experience anymore. Consequently his records for the German National Teams were relatively bad[6], and even though he could qualify for the ESL Pro Series VIII and the WCG 2006, he couldn't achieve much. As a result he stopped playing Terran and started to train as Protoss. The switched payed off, after Summer 2007 GoOdy won more and more smaller events in Germany, among them the five Du Bist Brood War LANs in Düsseldorf. Moreover, he qualified for the German WCG Preliminaries a fourth time and caused somewhat of a small upset. He entered as dark horse, having only outsider's chances. Despite his switch and a new race he defeated Infernal, Gentleman and Selector with a strong performance and also caused several problems for the reigning champion Mondragon. In Cologne GoOdy played very well again, surprising many fans: He advanced as runner-up from his group after beating Russian Notforu and the American Incontrol. His streak continued in the Round of 16, where he beat Italian Cloud in a mirror match. However, the Quarter Finals meant the end of line, Mondragon, the eventual third placed player, defeated GoOdy relatively easily. Key to his success during this prestigious tournament was Lupp's exotic Protoss vs. Zerg. He often ignored the usual Fast Expansion build orders and went for one base tech openings instead, continued with harassment and transitioned into rather standard late game play.

GoOdy couldn't keep his form in 2008 and performed rather poorly in the WCG Germany, where he lost twice against relatively bad players. Only in autumn he found back to his former self, when he won ten out of eleven matches in's King of the Hill. The Protoss also tried to qualify for the first Teamliquid Starleague, was able to rank up to an A rank, but resetted his stats shortly before the ladder stages ended.

His last big tournament in Brood War were the WCG Germany 2009, where he missed to reach one of the two qualifier spots and lost in the winner bracket finale with a close 2-3 against HoRRoR.


  • GoOdy has a very good reputation within the German scene for his good manners.
  • One of former ESL TVs guest commentators, [Shlt]Sonic, is a good real life friend of GoOdy.
  • GoOdy was one of the few players to use the offline system(the WWCL rating) in order to qualify for the German WCGs.


2018-06-1627thMajorBombastic StarLeague 4Bombastic StarLeague 41-4Grp S.-
2009-08-023rdMajorWCG Germany 2009WCG Germany 20092 : 3-
2007-10-075th - 8thPremierWCG 2007WCG 20070 : 2-
2007-09-023rdMajorWCG Germany 2007WCG Germany 20071 : 3-
2005-09-115th - 6thMajorWCG Germany 2005WCG Germany 20050 : 2-
2005-08-202ndMajor2005 Giga Grandslam V0 : 2$1,215.50
2004-10-313rdShowm. (Min.)2004 German Racewar
Extended list of results
  • 1st Place DBBW Lan 1-5
  • 1st Place Northcon


Notable Games[edit]