Golden Mouse

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The Golden Mouse is a prestigious award given to a player following their third OnGameNet Starleague championship. The trophy contains 275 grams of gold.[1]


There are currently four recipients of the Golden Mouse:

Player Year Achieved OSL Victories
Terran NaDa 2006
Zerg July 2008
Zerg Jaedong 2009
Terran Flash 2010

Potential future winners[edit]

Currently, the only players with two OSL championships are iloveoov, BoxeR, and JangBi. However, all three of them have retired from professional play, until recently, 2017 - JangBi has returned.

Beyond the Golden Mouse[edit]

When NaDa advanced to the finals of the 2006 Shinhan Bank OSL Season 3 following his successful Golden Mouse run in the 2006 Shinhan Bank OSL Season 2, OGN announced its intention to extend the reward system. Suggestions at the time included a Platinum Mouse for five OSL medals, and a Diamond Mouse for seven OSL medals. As no progamer has ever managed to secure four OSL titles, the plans for more Mouse trophies has never been elaborated upon.


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