Ground Zero

This article refers to the map made in 2011. For the map with the same name made by Blizzard, see Ground Zero (Blizzard map).

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[e][h]Ground Zero
Ash World
Spawn Positions:
4 at 1, 5, 7, 11
Competition Span:
Nov 2011 – present


Notable Features[edit]

  • Unwalkable Center - Ground Zero is one of the few maps where the exact center is unwalkable


  • Cliff behind natural removed.
  • Third base gas removed and changed into mineral onlys.
  • Mineral formation at natural changed.

Map version images[edit]

Notable Games[edit]

Notable Game
Ground Zero South Korea  Stork Proleague 2011-2012, entertaining game with Scout usage
South Korea  Flash
Date: 2012-02-10
Patch: VOD


Terran vs. Zerg Zerg vs. Protoss Protoss vs. Terran Mirrors
Map # Σ Terran Zerg Terran % Σ Zerg Protoss Zerg % Σ Protoss Terran Protoss % Terran Zerg Protoss
Ground ZeroGround Zero    238 70 40 30 57% 60 33 27 55% 45 23 22 51% 16 26 16