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Spell Information
Area of Effect:
Target Only
Researched from:
Research Cost:
Minerals 150 Vespene Gas 150 Build Time 50.2
Research Hotkey:

"It is rumored that some High Templar have learned to create illusionary duplicates of other beings. While these phantasms have no physical substance, they can be used to draw fire away from friendly units or sow confusion amongst enemy forces."

Hallucination is a distractive spell cast by the Protoss High Templar. It creates two Hallucinations which have the same appearance as a targeted unit - friendly or otherwise. To your enemy, these Hallucinations will look like regular units, whereas to you they will look like blueish copies, distinguishing them from your regular units.[1]


Using this spell does not triple the size of your army. It is mainly a trick spell - a mindgame. A Hallucination has the same number of Hit Points and Shield as the source unit (and can even regenerate HP, be healed, recharge its Shields, use a Shield Battery or be repaired) but it takes double damage from all attacks. When attacked by normal means, the Hallucination will dissipate when its Hit Points are depleted. Hallucinations have no armor, and are dispelled by most spells. Additionally, Hallucinations have a timed life represented by their energy bar, which depletes after 56.7 seconds.

Hallucinations are unable to do anything but the five basic functions (move, stop, attack, patrol, hold ground). A Hallucination may be instructed to attack and will appear to do so but its attacks will do no damage.


The use of Hallucination is extremely limited and used only when the benefits outweigh the cost of precious energy. The spell can be used to divert attention or to confuse your opponent. Occasionally Shuttles or Arbiters are Hallucinated to feign a drop or a Recall (as a result, your opponent can be tricked into repositioning his army), Carriers to make your opponent think you have more of them than you do, or Zealots to clear Mine fields or draw Tank fire.

In Combination with Other Spells[edit]

  • All spells (including D-Matrix and Restoration) will dispel Hallucinations. There are four exceptions:
    • Feedback cannot be cast on Hallucinations (even if the unit they portray should have energy).
    • Spawn Broodling will dispel a Hallucination but no Broodlings will spawn.
    • Casting Hallucination on a Hallucination will spawn more Hallucinations.
    • Yamato Gun does not directly dispel hallucinations, but since they take double damage(520), hallucinations of all multiplayer units are destroyed in one hit.


  • High Templars can't cast Hallucination on themselves.
  • You can cast Hallucination on a Hallucination.
  • Traits of the source unit (HP, spells) will not copy onto the Hallucinations. (Hallucinated Tanks cannot siege or un-siege, hallucinated Lurkers cannot burrow, etc.) The only exception to this is the Reaver's hangar count.
  • Hallucinated Reavers cannot build Scarabs, and will not fire if the original unit had no Scarabs in the hangar. However, if a Reaver with Scarabs is hallucinated, the Hallucination will have as many Scarabs as the original had when it was copied.
  • Hallucinated units with high HP/Shield totals can be used to bomb Terran Tank lines, but High Templar Energy is usually reserved for Psionic Storm.
  • Hallucinated units cannot be cloaked by any means. Hallucinated Dark Templars will appear opaque and can be seen without detection.

Notable Games[edit]


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