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Harass or Harassment is the act of using a small number of units, usually with superior mobility, to cause damage to the enemy without a large engagement. Harassment is usually targeted at damaging or disrupting the enemy's economy, sometimes his production as well as throwing him off.

The Concept[edit]

Harass commonly involves:

  • Using a small number of units to delay or damage the opponent.
  • Units that are highly mobile, therefore taking low damage while doing a high amount.
  • The amount of attention / management needed to fend off a harass is usually greater than the attention / management of the harass.
  • Can be used at all stages of the game.
  • Most often, workers are targeted and Area of Effect units are widely used.

Common Forms[edit]

The most common forms of harassment are:


  • Vulture Harass - Sending out small / medium sized groups of Vultures to hunt workers, abusing their high movement speed, their ability to use spidermines to delay the opponent and their concussive damage, dealing a full 20 points to workers.
  • Drops - Dropship play can involve Marines and Medics vs Zerg or any combination of Vultures and Siege Tanks, almost always aimed at killing enemy workers.
  • Wraith Harass is becoming more and more popular in Terran vs Zerg and is also used in TvT.


  • Mutalisk Harass has become a staple of ZvT play but is used in all matchups. Mutas are used not only to kill workers but stray/unprotected units as well, thinning the opponent's numbers.
  • Lurker drops - One or two lurkers dropped from an Overlord can cause huge damage to a player's mineral line due to their high splash damage.
  • Zerglings are also a great harassment unit due to their high speed when upgraded and devastating power when Adrenal Glands have been researched. A group of upgraded Zerglings can bring down an enemy main building in a matter of seconds.


  • Dark Templar harass/ Dt drop - Dark Templars are great harassment units in that they kill Probes and Drones in one hit and therefore the player is not notified by the game and may not even notice it. They also require some form of Detection present. They can either walk to their destination or be dropped by a Shuttle, avoiding any defense that may exist in the entrance of the opponent's base.

Other Forms[edit]

Harassment is a wide term, so a number of things can be considered Harassment. Other forms of harassment include:

  • Killing tech buildings with drops to cause an enemy to have tech delayment while he waits to rebuild that building.
  • Zealot Bombing
  • Worker Harass in the early game including Manner Pylons
  • Sneaking Zerglings in the opponent's base in ZvZ
  • "Sieging" the opponent's gas geyser
  • Moving a worker or starting to make a building to block an enemy worker from making a structure in that location

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