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Heartbreak Ridge

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[e][h]Heartbreak Ridge
Map Information
Jungle World
Spawn Positions:
2 at 10,4
Competition Span:
Apr 2009 – Aug 2010


Heartbreak Ridge was introduced in the fourth round of the 2008-09 Shinhan Bank Proleague season as one of four new maps for the round, and modified for the second round of the 2009-10 Shinhan Bank Proleague season. It continued to see action all the way up until 2010, leaving a string of memorable games behind.

The third can be somewhat difficult to take as the walking distance is rather far, but the backdoor route into the third makes this a less drastic effect than it would otherwise be. Taking a fourth is a bigger problem, as the options for a fourth gas are directly above your opponent's base, in the center, or along a direct line from your opponent's natural. Map control is extremely important to securing resources on this map. Counters are relatively common, with a more mobile army counterattacking into the natural instead of directly engaging a less mobile army pushing along the other path.

Notable Features[edit]

  • Neutral Buildings - There are seven stacked neutral temples blocking off the cliff overlooking each natural.
  • Blocking Minerals - Along with the neutral temples there is a stack of 20 minerals (worth 0) that can be mined out to allow access to the cliff overlooking your opponent's natural or can be used to gain a back route into your own third expansion. It is important to mine these minerals out when you take your third so that your workers can flee into your main more safely. It is also important to keep an eye on them (often a pylon or supply depot on the "inside") before you take your third to avoid surprise runbys.
  • Ridges - The many ridges in the middle of the map (giving the map its name) give the advantage to the defender and allow them to pull back several times to each ridge in a delaying action if necessary. This means that Terran pushes and contains in TvT and TvP and Zerg pushes and contains in ZvT can be hard to fight back, due to the power of siege tanks and lurkers on these high grounds.
  • High ground behind natural - There is a high ground behind the natural expansion. The main can also be shot from the high ground, so it's something to keep in mind when creating buildings, especially when playing against Terran. This is also a common location for cannon rushes and ling runbys, though the latter requires mining out the minerals by the third.
  • Pylon on the ridge - Near both start locations there are thin ridges (to the left of 4, to the right of 10) on which there is a 2×2 flat surface that allows building a Pylon. The Pylon's Psi-Matrix radius allows building a Gateway inside the main base, shortening the notice-time of the Proxy significantly. While the right side only allows for one Gateway to be built, the left allows for a maximum of three.
  • Small choke - The main is on the same level as the natural (similar to Tau Cross), but it's small and can be blocked with a single Pylon.

Race Match-ups[edit]


Terran are more likely to open pure mech or go for a bio-mech (MnM + goliath) play into crushing/denying the Zerg’s third base while mitigating any muta damage risk. Pure bio play lends to some unfavorable situations with mutas and lurkers abusing the advantage that the ridges give. Terran also needs to be careful when pushing at a Zerg’s natural as its likely that the Zerg will break its own backdoor and follow up with a hard flank on the Terran troops.

Lurker openings or mutas into quick lurker transitions will likely be common routes for the Zerg. The high ground ridges need to be controlled by the lurkers and put the Terran in a soft contain position where they would have a hard time pushing up towards the Zerg base before science vessels are out. Meanwhile, with all these multiple points of entries the Zerg can go for lurker drops into the Terran main.


With how hard it is to get a fourth base (fourth gas), it ends up with the Zerg going for more aggressive plays like hydra busts or aggressive lurker contains/lurker drops into the Protoss main. Like it or not, we might just end up seeing a whole lot of 3 hatch hydra busts if it comes to this map.

Corsair/DT (maybe even sair/reaver) would become the main choice of play for Protoss, provided they don’t get too greedy in getting that third base as the Zerg is extremely likely to go for that aggressive playing style that would totally punish any sort of greed. Should the Protoss manage to make it that far, however, his primary goal would be to split the map and gain the economy advantage as the Zerg would have a hard time doing the same.


Protoss will likely try to capitalize on the early game advantage by any way possible to take advantage of the map terrain, be it through gas steals or cannon rush on the high ground behind the natural, proxy reavers at either the middle area or at the third of the terran, or just proxy gates and crush the Terran outright if he's going for a fast expand opening. Protoss is likely to avoid playing the super late game map split situation since it’s a two player map, which means less ground to be covered for a slow moving mech army and lot more tank coverage.

Terran’s goal is probably to survive the early game and make that map split situation possible. They can either opt in safe play by factory expanding and defending against the Protoss opening or go on the offensive themselves with a 2 factory timing and put the Protoss on the defensive. Vulture drops are also pretty common and an extremely effective harassment play to keep the Protoss busy while Terran takes its third/fourth -- the Protoss would try to just go for a break should they scout the Terran being greedy with these expansions.


  • v2.0 (Heartbreak Ridge --> New Heartbreak Ridge)
    • An additional 500 mineral field was added to each natural.
    • The mineral only expansions at 11/5 were centered to the 12/6 locations.
    • The center of the map was expanded so that all six ridges connect to it; this new land is unbuildable.
  • v2.2
    • Resources at starting point have been relocated.
    • Fixed error when creating a observer map.

Map Version Images[edit]

Strong Build Orders[edit]

Protoss vs. Protoss[edit]

Protoss vs. Terran[edit]

  • 12 Nexus - - If the Terran fails to do a rush (such as an 8 Rax), due to the unique layout of the map, the Protoss should have a major advantage that can be impossible for the Terran to adapt to. Countered by either Proxy Barracks, or a 8 Rax build.
  • Dark Templar Fast Expand - If the Terran Siege Expands, it is very common they will have no turrets in their natural before they move out. A single Dark Templar can delay the expansion for a very long time, let alone multiple Dark Templars. This will allow the Protoss to either expand or queue up more Gateways with no threat of a Terran attack. Countered by 2 Factory Vulture/Mine Combo.

Terran vs. Zerg[edit]

Protoss FE wall-ins[edit]

4 o'clock
10 o'clock

Note: In the 10 o'clock position, once an Assimilator starts building, the wall is no longer ling-proof and an extra probe between the gas and forge is needed to seal it.

Terran wall-ins[edit]


4 o'clock
10 o'clock

These wall-ins allow Marines and Zerglings to pass through. Zealots will be unable to go through.


4 o'clock
10 o'clock

These wall-ins allow Marines and Zerglings to pass through. Zealots will be unable to go through.

Natural - Ling-tight[edit]

4 o'clock
10 o'clock

Note: On both positions, once a Refinery starts building on the gas geyser, the wall is no longer Ling-proof.

Notable Games[edit]

No thumbnail available South Korea Zerg Jaedong 2008-09 Shinhan Bank Proleague
South Korea Terran Fantasy
Date: 2009-04-19
Patch: VOD
No thumbnail available South Korea Zerg Hogil 2008-09 Shinhan Bank Proleague
South Korea Protoss Violet
Date: 2009-06-06
Patch: VOD
No thumbnail available South Korea Terran Flash 2000-10 Shinhan Bank Proleague
South Korea Protoss Stork
Date: 2009-12-02
Patch: VOD
No thumbnail available South Korea Zerg Yellow 2000-10 Shinhan Bank Proleague, Yellow causing an uproar with old strategies
South Korea Protoss Bisu
Date: 2009-12-02
Patch: VOD

Recent Games[edit]

This automatically generated table shows the 10 most recent games with VODs and can be modified here.
DateTimeTournamentOpponentVs. OpponentVOD
2023-06-2307:00 UTCASL 15 Revenge Battle: Snow vs. RoyaLRoyaL Terran South KoreaSnowSouth Korea Protoss SnowWatch VOD
2023-04-1810:00 UTCASL Season 15JyJ Terran South KoreaheroSouth Korea Zerg heroWatch VOD
2023-04-1710:20 UTCASL Season 15Mind Terran South KoreaBestSouth Korea Protoss BestWatch VOD
2023-04-1110:10 UTCASL Season 15Soulkey Zerg South KoreaJyJSouth Korea Terran JyJWatch VOD
2023-04-1010:10 UTCASL Season 15hero Zerg South KoreaJaedongSouth Korea Zerg JaedongWatch VOD
2023-04-0310:10 UTCASL Season 15Action Zerg South KoreaBestSouth Korea Protoss BestWatch VOD
2017-07-1910:00 UTCKCM Race Survival Season 3Mind Terran South KoreaMiniSouth Korea Protoss MiniWatch VOD
2017-07-0510:00 UTCKCM Race Survival Season 3Last Terran South KoreaMIsOSouth Korea Zerg MIsOWatch VOD
2017-06-2810:00 UTCKCM Race Survival Season 3Mong Terran South KoreaShineSouth Korea Zerg ShineWatch VOD
2016-04-0913:00 UTCTerror NINUS StarleagueEffOrt Zerg South KoreaZerOSouth Korea Zerg ZerOWatch VOD


Terran vs. ZergZerg vs. ProtossProtoss vs. TerranMirrors
Heartbreak Ridge134232317614754.5%34819615256.3%30118311860.8%14573152


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