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Map Information
Ash World
Spawn Positions:
2 at center of map


Hellhole was released on September 10, 1999 as Blizzard's Map of the Week.[1]

It is supposed to be played as a one or two-player UMS map though it technically can be played as a positionally imbalanced 8 player melee map.



Ok, Cadets, its time for you to step up and participate in the exercise I lovingly call Hellhole. I love this exercise, because it lets the cadets choose the size and length of the noose they'll soon be wearing.




You see, cadet, you first have to choose if you're facing the simulation alone or with another cadet. You've probably already made this decision before you even stepped inside this briefing room.

That's choice number 1.


Yes, sir!


Good, good...

Then you get to choose how many simulated opponents you will be facing, and you can choose from 3 to 6.

That's choice number 2.


No problem, sir!


Then you can choose the difficulty of the simulations, anything from easy to insane.

That's choice number 3.

Choose wisely, cadet. I've seen a lot of cadets try to bite off more than they can chew and proceed to go down in flames. It is also considered poor form to choose opponents that are beneath your skill level.

Good hunting, soldier!


Thank you, sir!

End of Briefing

Mission Objectives[edit]

- Choose how many opponents you wish to face.

- Choose the difficulty for the computer players.

- Destroy all enemy buildings.

Notable Features[edit]