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Help:Creating Articles

From Liquipedia StarCraft Brood War Wiki

How to create articles in Liquipedia[edit]

1. Go to Main_Page Seeing as Liquipedia is still in it's beta state there is no permalink from TL yet, so for now you'll either have to bookmark the site or use the above link to get there.

2. You should be greeted with the main page of Liquipedia. To create a new article first thing you need to do is it search for the title of the article you want to create. To do that simply type it into the search field on the left hand side of the screen.

3. Your search should reveal if there are any relevant threads to your topic, and if it is a completely new article then you can click on the "create this page" link. In the screenshot I have tried to create an article for the Spirit Protoss build, however it was not found so the next thing I must do is click on "create this page"

4. You can now type in the article you want to create Wiki uses a format system very similar to BBCode so the transition should be intuitive although here are some basic commands:

== NAME ==
Creates a sub-section with the title "NAME"

=== HI ===
Creates a sub-sub-section with the title "HI"

Creates a bullet point

Creates a numbered list. Note that:
#This and
# This
Makes a numbered list and 
#This and
Creates sublists
[URL text text text]
Creates a hyperlink with "URL" as the target and hyperlinks "text text text" to the URL

[[TITLE|text text]]
Creates an internal hyperlink within the article, links "text text" to the section with the title "TITLE"

Note that most of these commands can be accessed by the wiki tool bar in the editing screen. If you get confused, a good article to base your code off is the Gundam Rush page.

5. Once you have finished, click on "Save Page" at the bottom of the screen to save the page you just created !! :D!

Helpful Links[edit]