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Help:Player Profile

From Liquipedia StarCraft Brood War Wiki


This tutorial focussing on creating player profiles. It will list the required Wiki-Code with explanations, the basic structures, a general overview of policies and style guides.

to view an example for a standard player profile, see also: FiSheYe
to view an example for a extraordinarily well written Korean profile, see also: JaeDong


Players do need to meet criterias before they are added to Liquipedia's main space. If the player you want to add does not fulfill the requirements, you are allowed to add him to your own user space. To access your user space click on your name in the upper right part of the Browser. If you're not sure a player meets the standards, contact the LP Staff ( IRC #Liquipedia)

Requirements Foreigners before SCII Beta
  • Player qualified for the World Cyber Games Main Event
  • Player finished
    • at least ten times in the Round of 16 of bigger events
    • at least three times in the Top 3 of bigger events
    • finished first in a major event

Requirements Foreigners post SCII Beta
  • Player finished
    • Top 3 in a Major Tournament (prize pool ≥ $ 500)
    • Two #1 finishes in a minor tournament (prize pool <$500)
    • Four Top 3 finishes in a minor tournament

Requirements Korean
  • Korean played in a professional team for KeSPA and participated in any stage of OSL/MSL/Pro League
  • Korean played in SOSPA related events

Requirements Other
  • Casters, Organizers, Sponsors or other non-competitive individuals can be added to Liquipedia
  • Individuals not scoring high need to have been really important for the community in one or more regards


There are several policies in place to ensure the quality of articles for players, which need to be followed.

Ladder Rankings

Ladder Rankings are no achievements, nor should they be listed in any case. If ladder ranks are part of the article, they do need to provide a stronger context, which would otherwise not be given. For instance, listing ladder rankings as part of finishes in a qualification ladder is possible, adding an ICCup high ranking to hide the fact a player never achieved any high tournament finish is not.

Style and Wording

List facts. Don't say a player is underrated, disappointing, bad mannered, or anything that's wide open for interpretation. You can list his description /as given by someone else/ in, say, an article or interview but you need to provide a link to this 3rd source. Remember, Liquipedia doesn't create' content, we record it.

Cheating and Hacking

Before adding information whether or not a player hacked and/or cheated, please add reliable sources. Only censor achievements if the organization of the tournament a player hacked/cheated in censored it as well. If they did not disqualify, you do not disqualify in hindsight as well. If you're not sure how to phrase or present the information, contact other editors and the LP Staff at #Liquipedia @


Very unimportant. If a notable percentage of the page is Trivia, it probably shouldn't be a page. Trivia sections are meant for unique information or other things that can't go elsewhere. It is not a place for unsourced allegations or random bullshit.


A player profile is sepparated into at a main overview and results page. The overview page is mainly a summary of a player's career, while the results sub-page lists all finishes of the player in question.

Basic Contents Overview Page
  • Navigation Tab
  • Short introduction sentences
  • Player Infobox 2
  • General Overview
  • Achievements
  • Interviews
  • References
Basic Contents Results Page
  • Navigation Tab
  • Results Table
  • References

Navigation Tabs[edit]

The overview and the results page are added on different URLs:

  • for the Overview Page
  • for the Results Page

Theoretically, a player's profile can be expanded. E.g. in FiSheYe's example his rivalry with Mondragon got an additional tab. If this is done, the Tabs need to be changed accordingly.

Overview Page: Introduction[edit]

After adding the Navigation Tabs to the page, one or more sentences should be added. Usually, these are done like this:

First Name "Player" Surname was a NATIONALITY RACE player and (former) member of the CLAN/NATIONAL TEAM.
His biggest achievement was HIGH TOURNAMENT FINISH (e.g. #3 WCG Main Event)
PLAYERNAME was considered to be the strongest player of HIS AREA in between TIME START and TIME END.

Overview Page: Infobox Player 2[edit]

The Infobox Player 2 is added to a player's profile. It displays a summary of the most interesting facts about him, such as his real name, his IDs, a team history and external links to TLPD, Streams or similar.

If you upload a player's picture to Liquipedia, please make sure you have the rights to do so before adding anything.

See also Liquipedia:Copyrights repository

see also: Full Explanation of all Variables

Overview Page: General Overview[edit]

In the "Overview" section of a player's profile his career is described in full detail, beginning with his career start, ending with his retirement or the most current information about a player. Membership of teams, finishes in tournaments or other related content is mentioned here.

If more information about a player is available, the Overview section can feature sub-headers, for example:

  • Biography: features non-Brood War related information about his real life and whereabouts; e.g. educational background, occupation.
  • Brood War: only added if a Biography header is added, to stress out the difference between biographical details and his competitive Brood War Career

Overview/Results Page: Achievements[edit]

It's crucial to understand that the Achievement section only lists the best/highest finishes of a player. It should not display every result a player ever scored in a minor tournament. An achievement box should only cover more than five items, if all five items were considered to be important. E.g. it is not neccessary to add ten gold medals in weekly cups, if a player one three major events as well. This means that even gold medals are moved to the Results page, if the major finishes are limited to a placement in the Top Eight.

The other Wikis often make a difference between tournaments, classifying them into "Premier", "Major" and "Minor". Brood War usually does not, as it is hard to draw a line. Hence, the Infobox just says "TOURNAMENT".

The Achievement Box can be added on both Overview- and the Results page. However, please note, that the smaller table at the end of the overview table is left out if pasted onto the Results page!

In Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2006-06-20 1st ESL Pro Series VIII 0 : 2 Zerg Mondragon € 1000
2005-12-02 2nd ESL Pro Series VII 0 : 2 Zerg Mondragon € 1000
2005-?-? 3rd 2005 Giga Grandslam V 2 : 0 Random MarineTS € 500
Complete results in every tournament

Overview Page: Interviews and References[edit]

Interviews are added with a bullet point list. To generate a bullet point list, use the * symbol, e.g.:

*[ Interview 1]
*[ Interview 2]
*[ Interview 3]

References are added within a text, so theoretically speaking, the actual sources are added in the "Overview" (or other chapters) before. To add a reference in text, use the <ref name=NAME>[ DESCRIPTION]</ref> syntax.

PLAYER was caught hacking while playing ANOTHER HACKER<ref name=hackers>[ ORGANIZATION found PLAYERS guilty of hacking]</ref>. 

However, only adding references only produces several errors when submitting. Consequently any page using references does need to feature following paragraph:


Overview Page: Optional Sections[edit]

Depending on the information available, other sections can be added to a player's profile.


If you have information about a player's unique play style, feel free to add another main header for it, describing how he played. This can contain a player inventing/popularizing strategies, or his weakest match ups. Please add sources.


If a player had a rivarly with another player, you can add a new main header to the article. Describe what the Rivarly was about and shortly list whenever both met.

Notable Games

You can add notable games to a player's profile and also should, if you VODs/Replays are available. Notable games can be important games for a player's career (e.g. WCG Finale), or display of his unique style.


Display good games played during an event.

Gaia Poland Protoss Draco Draco vs. Midas during World Cyber Games Group Stage, commentary by Tasteless
South Korea Terran Midas
Date: 2006
Patch: 1.15.3 VOD


A Gallery displays several pictures of the player. Add the picture file name and the correct ending. Please only add high quality photographs and throw out low resolution pictures. Not only real life photographs can be added, Cheerfuls or other might be added as well.