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This page explains the inclusion criteria for the new player achievement boxes that are in the process of being introduced to this wiki. The introduction of the new player achievement box comes with the introduction of comprehensive player results pages, where all results achieved by a player who has a page on this wiki are to be placed.

While these achievement boxes may carry the same aesthetic look and feel as their counterparts do on another Liquipedia wiki, they do not have the same inclusion criteria, as the different wikis deal with two very separate games and scenes.

There are three distinct sets of inclusion criteria for the use of these achievement boxes on this wiki, one for each of the following:

  • old Korean professional scene players
  • Korean amateur scene players
  • and Foreign players.

There are also a set of general inclusion criteria that govern the use of the achievement box across all three categories of pages.

Inclusion Criteria[edit]


In general, we only record placements at tournaments, not participation at tournaments. This means that only first, second, and third place results are recorded, with fourth place also being recorded if there is no determination between third and fourth and that semifinalist position is prized. All other results should go into a player's Results page, and, if possible, into the textual playing narrative in the respective player page.


Korean professionals[edit]

These player pages are where the only instance of the word Premier is acceptable. Premier tournaments for these players are the obvious set: OSL, MSL, and WCG. Everything else is major except special events tournaments.

Korean amateurs[edit]

As many of the players in the amateur leagues also fall into the above professional category, follow those criteria as applicable. The Sonic Starleagues are to be included in major tournaments.

Foreign players[edit]

Major events for this category of player pages include the following: TLS, TSL, ISL, and Defiler Tours. All other "for fun" and non-standard ruleset tournaments, such as the Gem League or no-ramp tournaments, as well as all showmatch series and special events, are minor.


  • Dates should be rendered in ISO format: YYYY-MM-DD
  • Use local time (the time zone applicable to where the tournament was held) for dates.
  • Render the games won versus games against section in logical format: subject player's wins to the left and listed opponent's wins to the right.
  • No player flags, only races, due to size constraints.
  • For matchfixers only, wins and placements stripped from them by KeSPA and other relevant organizations must be indicated as such through the use of {{Placement|X}}.
  • Render winnings in the currency awarded to players, if applicable. Do not convert currencies.


The following are blank templates of the player achievement box that can be copy-pasted onto pages and filled out as necessary.

See also[edit]

  • The documentation page for the {{Placement}} template.
  • The documentation page for the {{Player}} template.