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Help:Templates and Categories

From Liquipedia StarCraft Brood War Wiki

As my changes concerning Categories and Templates lead to a bit of confusion I'll describe here what I did and how it influences your work.

If you create a new map you include the Template:Infobox_Map template at the beginning of the page and fill in the fields.


 |name=Ride of the Valkyries
 |versions=*<tlpd type="maps" id="16" >Ride of Valkyries</tlpd>
 |span=Mar 2005 - Mar 2006

This includes another page which displays the infobox. But it also does categorize the map. Every page where this template gets included is automatically added to the list of maps. If you fill in the number of players it is automatically added to the list of maps with that player number. If you fill in the tileset it is automatically included in the list of maps with that tileset. If you forget to fill in a field required for categorization, your map is automatically added to Category:InfoboxIncomplete The same applies to players and strategies. The only thing which is not done automatically is adding the Strategy to the main strategy page. This is due to the special layout of the Strategy page.

It is planned to autogenerate the infoboxes for maps and players from TLPD.