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This tutorial will focus on tournament pages. In the following sections the general structures, policies, style guides are listed, as well as an extensive overview over possible features and wiki-code explanations.

to view an exemplary tournament with basic features, see also: Basic Tournament Example
to view an fully worked out tournament with additional features, see also: 2006 Shinhan Bank OnGameNet Starleague Season 2
to view a tournament featuring experimental features, see also: iCCup Ladder Main Event 1
to view a King of the Hill style event, see also: Lords of War


Smaller Tournaments[edit]

Smaller tournaments or basic event articles are loosely arranged using the following scheme:

  1. Tournament Information Box: Gives a quick overview about the event
  2. Overview Section: General Information about the Event (such as date and place) in few sentences
  3. Tournament Information: Lists more details about the event, can be expanded into the following sub-sections:
    1. Participants: Full list of all participants, usually done for smaller events (up to 32 players)
    2. Prize Pool: Distribution of the prizes and information about the sponsor(s)
    3. Format: Brief description of the format used (Group Stage, Best of, Map Pool)
  4. Results: Full list of results of the tournament and links to VODs
  5. External Links: Links about coverage, announcement and interviews
  6. References: Section used to list sources

The sections listed are automatically created if headers are used:

==Section 1==
===Section 1.1===
===Section 1.2===
====Section 1.3====

Larger Tournaments[edit]

Larger tournaments like the World Cyber Games can be arranged differently. For larger group stages, a higher number of participants or difficult qualification systems can feature too much information for a single article. For these special cases navigation boxes can be used to spread the information over several tabs.

How often and when a tournament article is split into more sub articles depends on the size of the tournament. To create sub-pages, the Tabs-Header template is used. This template has to be added on top of the main article and all sub articles.

To create a page and sub-pages, the line name of the article should be added to the URL in the browser, the names for the sub-pages will be added with "/subpage" afterwards.

  • "": To generate the Overview page with the Infobox and a very basic information
  • "": To generate a sub page dedicated to all qualifier results
  • "": To generate a sub page listing the results of the Main Event

To view a page using Navigation Boxes, see also: WCG 2010

Larger Tournaments - Advanced Editing[edit]

If a larger tournament was split into several sub pages, the results of the final stages are usually written on the overview page and one of the sub pages. The information does not have to be added twice, instead transclusions can be used.

To read more about transclusions, see also: Help:Transclusion
To view an example about transclusions see also:TLS 1 Overview and TLS 1 Main Tournament

Requirements for Tournaments[edit]

Theoretically any Brood War related tournament, regardless of mode, skill of participants and size of prize pool can be added to the Brood War Wiki. However, tournaments not notable in one way or the other (one time clan tournaments without prizes) might be moved on to a user's user space. There is currently no policy to determine whether or not a tournament is notable.

Additionally, every foreign (non-Korean) tournament can be added to the overview table in the Global Scene Overview. For this overview a few requirements must be met:

  • The participants are notable or
  • The tournament features a larger prize pool

The Infobox[edit]

to read more about the Infobox and its values, see also: Template:Infobox League


The participants can be listed in several ways, depending on the effect/design chosen.

Example - Short list of Participants

(10) HiyA, Ample, Sexy, Mong, IcaruS[ScM], Asiasin[ScM], KangTaeWan, NtO`Lastman, KT.MGW)Money, Smile

(11) Luxury, sAviOr, Progamer, ZergMaN, Just, ByungSoo, Cola, Beast, Minus)mahell, by.Spire, g1(kaL)

(11) Anytime, BackHo, Pusan, Sky(kaL), Lazy, Myungsik[WHITE], Ever)P(Pianist, Minus)eagle, Minus)Mighty, Minus)LYH, Sea.Kingdom

Example - Table of Participants
Protoss Protoss (12) Terran Terran (10) Zerg Zerg (10)
South Korea Onicle South Korea Ample South Korea Spire
South Korea ErOs_Lucifer South Korea Iris South Korea beast
South Korea Hint South Korea HiyA South Korea Cola
South Korea Lazy South Korea donggle South Korea ZeLoT
South Korea Movie South Korea kkong South Korea hero
South Korea Sky South Korea Shinee South Korea Killer
South Korea Perry South Korea Mong South Korea Larva
South Korea Pusan South Korea Sea South Korea Mae.pOse
South Korea Shuttle South Korea Sexy South Korea uNiOn`Feat
South Korea -_- South Korea sSak South Korea ddugi
South Korea Tyson
South Korea `iOps]..SenSe

Prize Pool[edit]

Depending on the distribution of the prizes (amount of places featuring a prize), different tables can be used. The following section lists a few examples and their respective Wiki-Code.

Example - Basic Table

750 USD were divided among participants as follows:

Place Prize ID
1st $300 South Korea Terran Scan
2nd $150 Poland Zerg trutaCz
3rd $115 United States Zerg Michael
4th $75 Poland Zerg Julia

Example - Advanced Prize Pool Table

The newest and probably best looking way to visualize prize pools can be done by using the Prizepool SE Template. A full explanation about all variables is listed in the Template documentation itself.

see also: Template:Team available for the table

Place Prize (EUR) ~Prize (USD)* ID Team
1st €5,000 $4,000 South Korea Protoss Bisu SK Telecom T1SK Telecom T1 SK Telecom T1
2nd €2,222 $2,000 South Korea Zerg YellOw KT RolsterKT Rolster KT Rolster
3rd €5 $53 South Korea Zerg Jaedong Hwaseung OZHwaseung OZ Hwaseung OZ
4th €5 $54 South Korea Protoss Stork Samsung KHANSamsung KHAN Samsung KHAN

*Converted prizes calculated on April 12th, 2014 with a currency rate of 1,30522 provided by

Group Tables[edit]

Depending on the format and mode of a group stage, different tables can be used.

Dual Tournament Format[edit]

The Dual Tournament Format usually refers to a group of four players, who play out a Four Man Double Elimination Grid. This can either be displayed by adding the template for a Four Man Double Elimination Grid, or a custom made table.

Group A preview lrthread Watch VOD Review
1. South Korea Terran Flash ► Advances 2-0
2. South Korea Protoss Stork ► Advances 2-1
3. South Korea Zerg Killer --Eliminated 1-2
4. South Korea Terran Ssak --Eliminated 0-2
This template is deprecated. Use Template:Matchlist instead.

Other Group Formats[edit]

Group A
1. South Korea Terran Iloveoov 5-0
2. Bulgaria Terran Lamer 4-1
3. Belarus Zerg LoWeLy 2-3
4. Lithuania Protoss Korporal 2-3
5. Vietnam Protoss Thuoclao 1-4
6. Australia Protoss Legionnaire 1-4

This template is deprecated. Use Template:Matchlist instead.

The Code works the same way the Dual Tournament Format works. Values can be adjusted if need be.


Creating Tournament Brackets

Brackets are common in the Elimination Stage of the tournament, after group play. Brackets represent an easy way to visualize and organize the remaining participants and their potential opponents.

There are two main ways of creating a Bracket

  • Manually using the guide below. This route takes a little time to become oriented, but the Templates make things very straight forward.
  • Using the graphic user interface Bracket Managers created by Chapatiyaq. This route also takes a little orienting, but may be easier to use for straight-forward brackets. These bracket managers generate the code necessary to paste into the tournament page
Filling the Bracket Templates (Manual) - General guidelines
  • The entries per line have to be added from top to bottom. The player added in the first line will show up in the top of the bracket, vice versa, the player to be entered last will show up in the bracket at the bottom
  • Winner nick names are written in bold
  • If a result of a match is unknown or the format was a Best of One, "W" for "win" and "L" are added
  • If a bracket is reconstructed from partially missing data (e.g. 8 Man SE Bracket, only participants and Semi Finalists are known), it is helpful to start adding the overall finals first and fill the gaps later

There is a number of templates available on Liquipedia that can be used to easily create brackets for tournament pages. This page gives an overview on how to use them.

When do I use which template?
Single elimination Double elimination Lower Brackets
2 2 Person Bracket: Template:2SEBracket
4 4 Person Bracket: Template:4SEBracket 4 Person Bracket (Winners/Upper): Template:4DEBracket 2 Person Bracket (Losers/Lower): Template:2LBracket
8 8 Person Bracket: Template:8SEBracket 8 Person Bracket (Winners/Upper): Template:8DEBracket 4 Person Bracket (Losers/Lower): Template:4LBracket
16 16 Person Bracket: Template:16SEBracket 16 Person Bracket (Winners/Upper): Template:16DEBracket 8 Person Bracket (Losers/Lower): Template:8LBracket
32 32 Person Bracket: Template:32SEBracket 32 Person Bracket (Winners/Upper): Template:32DEBracket 16 Person Bracket (Losers/Lower): Template:16LBracket
64 64 Person Bracket: Template:64SEBracket
What does it look like?

Let's pick an 8 player single elimination tournament as an example:

Raw template

(LoveTV Starleague Season 2)
 South Korea ZerO
 South Korea Killer
 South Korea hero
 South Korea Snow
 South Korea Modesty
 South Korea Mong
 South Korea Tyson
 South Korea Ample
 South Korea Killer
 South Korea hero
 South Korea Modesty
 South Korea Ample
 South Korea Killer
 South Korea Modesty
3rd Place Match
 South Korea hero
 South Korea Ample
How do I use it?

Copy and paste the following into the tournament page you want to edit and fill out the corresponding fields. Click the template name for more information about using the template on its documentation page.

Single Elimination 8 Person Single Elimination Format, Best of 3 matches with a Best of 5 Final