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[e][h]Terran Heme
Player Information
Илья Хамидуллин
Romanized Name:
Ilia Khamidullin
December 15, 1986 (1986-12-15) (age 34)
Alternate IDs:

Ilia "Heme" Khamidullin was a Russian Terran player which played for team FRee FRiends.


Heme's first major tournament was WCG Russia 2007. The Terran prepared for this event a long time and was coached by Strelok.[1] Khamidullin was able to advance from the first two stages of the event, despite being grouped with NotForU, Ex and Pomi into one group. Before losing 0-2 against NotForU Heme was able to defeat Advokate.

In between 2007 and 2010 Heme didn't enter any prestigious tournaments. However, the Russian was preparing for the last WCG with Strelok again in Summer 2010. In the WCG Russia 2010 he finished third after beating the favourite Advokate in the group stage and only losing to the overall winner BRAT_OK. Since the third place theoretically qualified for the main event, but wasn't paid the travel costs the Russian community fundraised his tickets and costs. In the main event Heme defeated G5, but lost to Legend and Kal.

After the StarCraft II Beta Heme was arguably the best Russian to still play Brood War and was widely considered to be the best Terran in the foreign scene. He won the third and fourth of the new Defiler Tournaments and eventually formed a trio with Scan and Sziky. The three of them dominated all bigger events from Winter 2010 to Summer 2011.

In Summer 2011 Heme left the Brood War scene. Only in May 2012 he appeared again to promote the Sergey Mavrodi's project MMM-2011[2]. When this sponsor was rejected by the Russian[3] and international community[4], Heme retired for good.


  • Heme posted a question about technical problems at reps.ru in 2011[5], but instead of being helped the users mocked him for his incapability to even do the easiest fixes himself. In the following weeks the Terran was referred to as "bad luck Heme" or "cм. НЕМЕ".[6][7]


2011-04-24CA3rdA1Major1v1AoV iCCup StarLeagueAoV iCCup StarLeagueHeme3 : 2Mexico  Deska$150
2011-03-27CA3rdA4Weekly1v1Defiler Tournament 14Defiler Tournament 14Heme0 : 1Hungary  Ace$10
2011-03-20AA1stA4Weekly1v1Defiler Tournament 13Defiler Tournament 13Heme3 : 0Russia  Mamon$40
2011-03-06CA3rdA4Weekly1v1Defiler Tournament 11Defiler Tournament 11Heme0 : 1South Korea  Scan$10
2011-02-20BA2ndA4Weekly1v1Defiler Tournament 10Defiler Tournament 10Heme1 : 4Hungary  Sziky 
2011-01-30AA1stA4Weekly1v1Defiler Tournament 7Defiler Tournament 7Heme3 : 1Russia  Ramms$40
2011-01-30BA2ndA4Weekly1v1Defiler Tournament 6Defiler Tournament 6Heme1 : 2Hungary  Sziky$20
2011-01-30AA1stA2Minor1v116 Man Invitational16 Man InvitationalHeme3 : 1Hungary  Ace$70
2010-07-24CA3rdA1Major1v1WCG Russia 2010WCG Russia 2010Heme2 : 1Russia  Pomi$800
2007-08-12EA5thA1Major1v1WCG Russia 2007WCG Russia 2007Heme0 : 2Russia  Notforu$400
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Notable Games[edit]

Destination Russia  Heme Finals of Defiler Tour 6, Set 1, the first game of the Sziky vs Heme rivalry
Hungary  Sziky
Date: 2011-01-23
Patch: 1.16.1 Replay VOD