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[e][h]Zerg Hive
Building Information
200 150 75
2500 1
Unlocked Tech:

The Hive is a key building for Zerg technology. The Hive originates from morphing of the Lair and is the last stage of the Hatchery tech tree.

The Hive does not directly allow Zerg to perform any additional upgrades or build any additional units, but rather enables the construction of buildings such as the Greater Spire, Ultralisk Cavern, Nydus Canal and Defiler Mound. This, in turn, allows the Hive to morph the Larva into the most advanced units in the Zerg race, such as the Ultralisk and Defiler.

Some Zerg strategies, particularly in the ZvT match-up, involve quickly upgrading to Hive tech to get access to these units, particularly the Dark Swarm ability of the Defiler.

  • Morphing a Lair into Hive will increase the health by 700 points. This will not have any effect on Larva production or resource mining.
  • One Hive is enough for the whole game as upgrades in the Hive can be executed in Lairs or Hatcheries.

Upgrades Available[edit]

 100      100      50 (fastest)
Gives Drones, Zerglings, Hydralisks, and Defilers the ability to burrow.
Ventral Sacs
 200      200      101 (fastest)
Gives Overlords the ability to transport units.
 150      150      84 (fastest)
Increases the Overlord's vision radius by 2.
Pneumatized Carapace
 150      150      84 (fastest)
Greatly increases the Overlord's movement speed.

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