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Hiya 4-Fac

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[e][h]TerranHiya 4-Factory Timing Attack
Strategy Information
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The "Hiya Four Factory" is a Build Order invented by Hiya. It enables the Terran to prepare a strong attack around the early to mid game transition and punishes greedy Protoss strategies. However, it is considered to be as at least partially "All-In" move, as it uses so-called worker cuts. If the attack fails and/or does not deal a sufficient amount of money, the game is lost.

Build Order[edit]

Note: The Build Order uses only vaguely described worker cuts.

"Hiya Four Factory"
  • 9/10 - Supply Depot
  • 11/18 - Barracks
  • 12/18 - Refinery
  • 16/18 - Factory
  • 16/18 - Depot

@100% Factory - Siege Tank

  • 27/36 - CC

@100% Siege Tank - second Siege Tank

from here, only vague timings are listed without giving the supply numbers
First Economy Cut[1]
  • Siege Mode
  • Engineering Bay
  • Third Tank
  • Second Factory
Second Economy Cut[1]
  • Turrets[2]
  • Sixth Siege Tank
  • Seventh Siege Tank
  • Third Factory
  • Fourth Factory
  • Academy
  • Eighth Siege Tank
  • Vulture Speed Upgrade
  • Four Vultures
  • Spider Mine Upgrade
  • Comsat Stations (Natural and Main Base Command Centers)
  1. 1.0 1.1 see also: Execution
  2. Maximum of four Turrets in total


Note: Worker (SCV/Eco) Cut (to cut, cutting) means to stop training workers for a fixed period of time

The Build Order starts like most other Terran Fast Expand openings. However, the first difference is ignoring the ordinary eco cut during the construction of the first Factory. Usually, two of the three Vespene Gas harvesting SCVs are kept off the Geyser as long as the Factory builds. This opening needs the additional Gas, hence the cut is left out.

Up until the second Siege Tank is trained in the Factory no eco cuts are done. As soon as the second Siege Tank is added to the Factory queue, no more SCVs are produced and the list of the Build Order previously provided is built. Siege Tanks are trained constantly. If there is a gap in between the third and the sixth Siege Tank, in which minerals are left over, a few more SCVs might be added. As soon as the sixth Siege Tank can be trained, the second SCV cut starts - no more SCVs are trained. The turrets should be added in a way that they cover every potential drop. Turrets might be skipped, if no potential threat of Reaver or Dark Templar harass was scouted.

As soon as eight Siege Tanks and four Vultures are ready, the Terran directly attacks the opponent; theoretically speaking, the attack leaves the Terran base around the eight minute mark and around sixty supply. Since Protoss, if opening with a greedy strategy, has only few units, the ground army should be able to drive all the way to the Protoss' Natural Expansion. The attack should not be stalled if possible. All Factories are used to train Vultures only, SCV production is only done if Minerals are spare. Two or more SCVs might be brought with the army to construct Turrets near the push. The E-Bay and the Barracks can be floated towards the opponent base and used to either give vision of high ground or to block against incoming Zealots.


The Build Order, if not scouted, punishes any non-conservative strategy by Protoss. If Protoss expanded too early to a third base or teched fast on Arbiters or Carriers, his army will not be large enough to efficiently deal with the Terran's timing. However, if he is able to stall long enough with Dark Templars, Reavers or via abusing Choke Points, he might be able to get back into the game.

Consequently, whenever a rather conservative build is scouted by Terran, another mid game transition should be chosen. The initially ignored economy cut would mean a slight disadvantage, which can still be compensated easier than a failed Hiya Four Factory timing attack.

Notable Maps[edit]

The strategy works well on all maps.

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Fighting Spirit South Korea Terran Hiya Taken from Proleague. Hiya uses the strategy successfully in the match against CJ Entus.
South Korea Protoss Shuttle
Date: 2009-10-14
Patch: VOD