Hydralisk Den

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[e][h]Zerg Hydralisk Den
Building Information
100 Vespene Gas 50 25
850 1
B  D
Unlocked Tech:

The Hydralisk Den is an early to mid-game Zerg tech building that allows the Zerg player to create Hydralisks. The Hydralisk Den does not produce units directly but rather enables Larvae to morph into Hydralisks, and provides for research into Hydralisk upgrades.

Three upgrades are available at the Hydralisk Den: Muscular Augments for Hydralisk speed, Grooved Spines for Hydralisk attack distance, and Lurker Aspect for morphing Hydralisks into Lurkers. The Lurker Aspect upgrade also requires a Lair.

In the ZvT match-up, the Hydralisk Den is built early on as Hydralisk production is crucial in the early game to defend against Mech Builds. Against more common Bionic Terran Builds, the Hydralisk Den is built slightly later to allow Lurker production.

In the ZvP match-up, the Hydralisk Den may be built early on to execute an all-in aggressive rush on a fast-expanding Protoss, or by mid-game in a more common Hydralisk-heavy strategy such as the 5 Hatch Hydra Build.

In the ZvZ match-up, the Hydralisk Den is rarely built, as the engagement usually relies on Mutalisk, Scourge, and Zergling forces.

In build orders involving an aggressive Lurker rush, particularly against Terran opponents, the Hydralisk Den usually starts building when the Lair is near halfway done.

It is common to incorporate the Hydralisk Den into the Zerg Sim-City. For example, it is used to block off attacks by Zealots allowing Sunken Colonies positioned behind the Hydralisk Den to deal heavy damage to the attacking force.


Muscular Augments
 150      150      63 (fastest)
Increases Hydralisk speed by 50%.
Grooved Spines
 150      150      63 (fastest)
Increases Hydralisk range from 4 to 5.
Lurker Aspect
 200      200      76 (fastest)
Enables Hydralisks to morph into Lurkers; requires a Lair.


  • The Hydralisk den is the only basic building in the game that requires vespene gas.

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