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ICCup Elo Event Rating

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The ICCup Elo Event Rating is a list published irregularly by the administration of International Cyber Cup since December 2012. It ranks foreign players based on the Elo Number calculated according to their recent performance in individual and team leagues.

General Idea[edit]

The Event Rating was first published on 5th December 2012[1] and should add to the ICCup Ladder, which displays the skill of a player, but doesn't take games played in foreign events into account.

The new rating should display the tournament, league and other event performances of the most competitive and notable players, not their ladder games against anonymous users in comparatively unimportant training games. This way the ladder implemented in the server would be used only to find equally skilled opponents, while the Elo Rating would be used to generate a ranking for various events.

How Points are Calculated[edit]

The calculation is based on the Elo number, but uses different weighting factors to estimate a player's skill. The weighting factors are the same that were used in the original Realms hosted by Blizzard Entertainment. For ever best-of-series the points were calculated in "real time", unlike suggested by the original Elo scheme.

Included Events[edit]

The collection of data only includes tournaments and leagues starting or being hosted after the 31. December 2011. The list includes:

Tournaments and leagues that had only restricted access, like the Russian King of the Hill or Netwars Cup 1 and Netwars Cup 2, or events that used exotic game modes like the Xsplit Random Invitational or Defi Mini Tour 8 were not added.


  • Smurf accounts are a recurring problem for the calculation, especially for poorly covered tournaments
  • Inactivity isn't covered by the Elo number well. The Event Rating team solved this issue by dropping out players, who did not participate in one of the listed events for more than two months or fifteen events, depending on the number of events per observed time frame

Current Ranking[edit]

Rating: January, Top 20
Place Player Points % Total Games
1 Hungary  Sziky 1491 80.25 162
2 Spain  eOnzErG 1448 71.38 297
3 Bulgaria  TechnicS 1415 70.86 175
4 Poland  trutaCz 1378 67.03 185
5 Russia  Tama 1351 71.43 77
6 Germany  dOTY 1340 69.05 42
7 Finland  Napoleon 1309 73.33 75
8 Germany  Bakuryu 1306 66.38 232
9 Croatia  dsaqwe 1304 65.03 163
10 Italy  Alfio 1279 67.06 85
12 Peru  Terror 1271 65.69 204
13 Canada  DraW 1268 69.44 108
13 Bulgaria  NeMu 1267 63.08 65
14 Hungary  Ace 1253 60.23 88
15 Russia  hajjuk 1243 66.66 33
16 Russia  Djem5 1241 62.96 108
17 Poland  Pike 1227 52.54 59
18 Russia  Biggus 1221 67.65 34
19 Russia  Dewalt 1220 63.78 254
20 Russia  Lancerx 1207 59.87 152
  • numbers last updated: 16.01.2013[4]


Month Player
11/2012 South Korea  Scan[5]
12/2012 Spain  eOnzErG[6]
01/2013 Hungary  Sziky[4]


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  3. SBWI Nation Wars were excluded from the ranking in January 2013 after poor coverage and results couldn't be found in time
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