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ICEBot is a StarCraft AI, written by ICELabs, or Intelligent Computer Entertainment Laboratory, at the Ritsumeikan University, Shiga, Japan. A team project of an explicitly AI sub-faculty, it is a well-rounded Brood War AI.


  • Possesses strong environmental adaptation skills.
  • Is one of the few spell-using AIs
  • Was the only known bot that used Nukes, until tscmoo learned to do it in 2015.
  • Uses AIUR sourcecode for a framework[1].



ICEBot tries to establish the location of the natural choke point, build defenses there with a Barracks, Bunker and a Supply depot. After teching up to Vultures on 2 bases it will move out, mine the map, and after that push with Tanks and Vultures. In the late game, Battlecruisers and Science Vessels augment the Tank pushes.


Can attack multiple targets simultaneously.

Drops Vultures and Goliaths in the enemy main Mineral Line.

Can use nuke, Defensive Matrix.

AI techniques used[edit]

  • Potential Flow[2].


ICEBot is the only bot so far to have won all three big AI tournaments.

In Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2013-04-14 A11st SSCAIT2012 1:0 Zerg M-Bartnicki
2014 A11st CIG2014 n/a Protoss XIMP
2014 A11st AIIDE2014 n/a Protoss XIMP
2014-03-22 A22nd SSCAIT2013 0:1 Terran krasi0bot