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INfeRnaL: Matches

From Liquipedia StarCraft Brood War Wiki
Overall 15W : 21L (41.67%) in series, 36W : 43L (45.57%) in games
DateTimeTierTournamentScoreVs. PlayerVOD
2013-01-12A2MinorTeamLiquid Legacy Starleague 1 QualifierTeamLiquid Legacy Starleague 1 Qualifier0:1Russia Terran Justice
2010-09-30A0PremierWCG 2010WCG 20100:1South Korea Terran Flash
2010-09-30A0PremierWCG 2010WCG 20100:1Croatia Zerg Ptak
2010-07-09A1MajorWCG Germany 2010WCG Germany 20103:0Germany Zerg Kolll
2010-07-09A1MajorWCG Germany 2010WCG Germany 20102:1Germany Zerg Kolll
2010-07-09A1MajorWCG Germany 2010WCG Germany 20102:0Germany Zerg Tombom
2010-07-09A1MajorWCG Germany 2010WCG Germany 20102:0Germany Zerg Collector TSL2:0Sweden Zerg Hayder TSL2:1Poland Terran Sawyer
2009-10-30A0PremierIEF 2009IEF 20090:1United States Terran IdrA
2009-10-30A0PremierIEF 2009IEF 20090:1 Zerg Machine
2009-10-30A0PremierIEF 2009IEF 20091:0 Zerg Redskirt
2009-10-09A1Major2009 Nostalgia Tournament2009 Nostalgia Tournament0:2United States Zerg LzGamer
2009-10-08A1MajorJustinTV iCCup InvitationalJustinTV iCCup Invitational1:2Poland Protoss MaNa
2009-10-08A1MajorJustinTV iCCup InvitationalJustinTV iCCup InvitationalW:Ukraine Zerg Dimaga
2009-07-18A2MinorHighlander TournamentHighlander Tournament0:2Poland Terran Tarson
2009-05-30A1MajorZotaC CupsZotaC Cups0:1Russia Terran Advokate
2009-05-03A1MajorESWC Masters CheonanESWC Masters Cheonan:WNetherlands Zerg ret
2009-05-03A1MajorESWC Masters CheonanESWC Masters Cheonan:WRussia Protoss Pomi
2009-05-03A1MajorESWC Masters CheonanESWC Masters CheonanW:Poland Protoss Yayba
2008-08-23A1MajorWCG Germany 2008WCG Germany 20081:2Germany Protoss DarkGamer
2008-08-23A1MajorWCG Germany 2008WCG Germany 20082:0Germany Zerg Ace
2008-08-23A1MajorWCG Germany 2008WCG Germany 20081:2Germany Protoss Gentleman
2008-08-23A1MajorWCG Germany 2008WCG Germany 20082:0Germany Zerg Benrath
2008-05-04A1Major2008 Razer TSL2008 Razer TSL0:2United States Protoss NonY
2008-05-04A1Major2008 Razer TSL2008 Razer TSL2:1Poland Terran Tarson
2008-05-04A1Major2008 Razer TSL2008 Razer TSL0:2United States Protoss NonY
2007-09-01A1MajorWCG Germany 2007WCG Germany 20071:2Germany Zerg Breakdown
2007-09-01A1MajorWCG Germany 2007WCG Germany 20072:1Germany Terran HoRRoR
2007-09-01A1MajorWCG Germany 2007WCG Germany 20071:2Germany Protoss GoOdy
2007-09-01A1MajorWCG Germany 2007WCG Germany 20072:1Germany Zerg Collector
2007-06-18A1MajorQCupQCup0:2Poland Protoss Yayba
2006-09-15A1MajorWCG Germany 2006WCG Germany 20062:1Germany Terran bob
2006-01-28A2MinorESL Clan League Season IESL Clan League Season I0:2 Terran Shaman
2006-01-15A2MinorESL Clan League Season IESL Clan League Season I0:2 Protoss Lx
2005-12-18A2MinorESL Clan League Season IESL Clan League Season I2:0 Terran InTerra
2005-12-11A2MinorESL Clan League Season IESL Clan League Season I0:2 Zerg Cocoa
2005-12-04A2MinorESL Clan League Season IESL Clan League Season I0:2 Zerg Schnibl0r
2005-11-20A2MinorESL Clan League Season IESL Clan League Season I2:1 Protoss Loco
2005-11-06A2MinorESL Clan League Season IESL Clan League Season I1:2 Protoss Stym