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inte Riktigt kloka

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[e][h]inte Riktigt kloka
Team Information
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Player Breakdown
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1999 - Present



First generation[edit]

iRk was founded by a group of Swedish players who were playing for a Swedish clan called [NOD] back in beginning of 1999. After the leader of [NOD] started recruiting foreigners six of the Swedish players decided to make their own clan.

And so these six created {inte riktigt kloka}

  • [NOD]_alfman ᐅ {iRk}affe
  • [NOD]Aginor. ᐅ {iRk}AgGe
  • [NOD]Apolion ᐅ {iRk}Appe
  • [NOD]Overcharge ᐅ {iRk}oveR
  • [NOD]Sniperwolf ᐅ {iRk}Snipe
  • [NOD]Zerganess ᐅ {iRk}zerga

Later on iRk added a couple more Swedish players along with one Mexican:

  • {iRk}Mab
  • {iRk}Divve
  • {iRk}Buttis
  • {iRk}Bot

These ten players are regarded as the first generation of iRks by current clanleader iRk-AgGe. They played together for almost four years before they dropped out one by one due to real life stuff. Only ones left was affe and AgGe, and when affe decided to hang up his boots he left the clan entirely to AgGe.

Second Generation[edit]

Player Roster[edit]


Sweden  Agge
Zergs Protoss Terrans Randoms
South Korea  JerryK97 Finland  Arcneon Ukraine  Marwin Norway  Oystein
Sweden  KameZerg Lithuania  Arew Russia  spx
France  KenZy Russia  Dewalt Russia  gag
Sweden  Naugrim Germany  Favorit
Sweden  WhistleR Norway  MwK
Russia  tokyoa Sweden  OyA
Chile  babo USA  Unco


Leader Captain
Sweden  Agge USA  Tim
Zergs Protoss Terrans Randoms
France  HaN Sweden  aGONy Sweden  Stylish Sweden  Trek
Sweden  Cackster USA  Tim France  NaSh Norway  ErlinGHo
Netherlands  Reggae Sweden  elKador }} Poland  Rasowy Poland  Jessie
Sweden  zFlickan Sweden  datoby Sweden  TuFFeR
Sweden  Gurram Sweden  Johan Germany  Forte
Sweden  Agge Norway  Doco Norway  BJJ


Leader Captain
Sweden  Agge Canada  Strömkarlen
Zergs Protoss Terrans Randoms
Germany  Lingepumpe Canada  Brochette USA  RoyalBlue
Canada  Sheep Czech Republic  KingPi Sweden  KeNKa
Canada  Strömkarlen USA  Anthem USA  father
USA  Ashen USA  MarketnBooN

Team Achievements[edit]

Brood war clan league[edit]

Little league[edit]

Rookie Team League[edit]

Shinhan Tank Pro Leauge[edit]