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Infinity: Matches

From Liquipedia StarCraft Brood War Wiki
Overall 31W : 25L (55.36%) in series, 54W : 41L (56.84%) in games
DateTimeTierTournamentScoreVs. PlayerVOD
2013-03-10A2MinorDefiler Tournament 52Defiler Tournament 520:1Russia Terran Boom
2013-02-23A2MinorDefiler Defender TournamentsDefiler Defender Tournaments1:3Russia Terran Bender
2013-02-23A2MinorDefiler Defender TournamentsDefiler Defender Tournaments2:0Russia Zerg Bandy
2013-02-23A2MinorDefiler Defender TournamentsDefiler Defender Tournaments2:0Russia Terran Bender
2013-02-23A2MinorDefiler Defender TournamentsDefiler Defender Tournaments2:0Russia Protoss justgoplay
2013-02-23A2MinorDefiler Defender TournamentsDefiler Defender TournamentsW:Russia Terran Silver
2013-02-03A2MinorDefiler Tournament 49Defiler Tournament 490:1Peru Terran TerrOr
2013-02-03A2MinorDefiler Tournament 49Defiler Tournament 491:0Russia Zerg Bandy
2013-02-03A2MinorDefiler Tournament 49Defiler Tournament 491:0Russia Terran naneri
2013-02-03A2MinorDefiler Tournament 49Defiler Tournament 490:2Italy Protoss Alfio
2011-11-27A2MinorDefiler Tournament 30Defiler Tournament 300:1Russia Protoss fuNny
2005-10-23A2MinorESL Clan League Season IESL Clan League Season I0:2 Protoss ALFA
2005-08-09A1MajorWCG Germany 2005WCG Germany 20050:2Germany Protoss FiSheYe
2005-08-09A1MajorWCG Germany 2005WCG Germany 20051:2Germany Protoss Selector
2005-08-09A1MajorWCG Germany 2005WCG Germany 20052:0Germany Protoss stormy
2004-11-04A2Minor2004 ToT Tournament2004 ToT TournamentW:Germany Terran JoKa
2004-11-04A2Minor2004 ToT Tournament2004 ToT Tournament:WGermany Protoss Socke
2004-10-30A2Minor2004 German Racewar2004 German Racewar0:1Germany Protoss Socke
2004-10-28A2Minor2004 German Racewar2004 German Racewar0:1Germany Terran Fenris
2004-10-28A2Minor2004 German Racewar2004 German Racewar1:0Germany Terran Rob
2004-09-18A1MajorWCG Germany 2004WCG Germany 20041:2Germany Zerg Methos
2004-09-18A1MajorWCG Germany 2004WCG Germany 20042:0Germany Terran GoOdy
2004-09-18A1MajorWCG Germany 2004WCG Germany 20042:1Germany Protoss Socke
2004-09-18A1MajorWCG Germany 2004WCG Germany 20042:0Germany Zerg Psier
2004-09-18A1MajorWCG Germany 2004WCG Germany 20041:2Germany Zerg Mondragon
2004-09-18A1MajorWCG Germany 2004WCG Germany 20042:0Germany Terran Fenris
2004-03-25A2MinorBW4Ever Season 2BW4Ever Season 2W: Random MarineTS
2004-03-25A2MinorBW4Ever Season 2BW4Ever Season 2W:Germany Zerg Schnibl0r
2004-03-13A2MinorBW4Ever Season 1BW4Ever Season 10:1Germany Protoss Gentleman
2004-03-06A2MinorBW4Ever Season 1BW4Ever Season 1:WAustralia Terran FreezeR
2004-03-06A2MinorBW4Ever Season 1BW4Ever Season 11:0Germany Protoss Gentleman
2004-03-06A2MinorBW4Ever Season 1BW4Ever Season 11:0Russia Unknown Akosta
2004-02-28A2MinorBW4Ever Season 1BW4Ever Season 10:1Russia Unknown Fatal
2004-02-14A2MinorBW4Ever Season 1BW4Ever Season 13:0Sweden Protoss ZpuX
2004-02-14A2MinorBW4Ever Season 1BW4Ever Season 12:1Germany Zerg Dashwriter
2004-02-14A2MinorBW4Ever Season 1BW4Ever Season 11:0Germany Zerg GabmitZerg
2004-02-14A2MinorBW4Ever Season 1BW4Ever Season 11:0Germany Unknown Hasu
2004-01-01A2MinorTeam Extreme TournamentsTeam Extreme Tournaments0:2Netherlands Zerg Twisted
2004-01-01A2MinorTeam Extreme TournamentsTeam Extreme Tournaments2:0Spain Zerg Squall
2003-12-13A2MinorBW4Ever Season 1BW4Ever Season 10:2Sweden Random Trek
2003-12-13A2MinorBW4Ever Season 1BW4Ever Season 11:0Finland Unknown Muhweli
2003-12-13A2MinorBW4Ever Season 1BW4Ever Season 11:0Germany Terran Blue
2003-12-06A2MinorBW4Ever Season 1BW4Ever Season 1W:Germany Zerg Dashwriter
2003-12-06A2MinorBW4Ever Season 1BW4Ever Season 1W:Germany Zerg Silence
2003-12-06A2MinorBW4Ever Season 1BW4Ever Season 11:0Germany Unknown VeGe
2003-12-06A2MinorBW4Ever Season 1BW4Ever Season 11:0Germany Unknown Nachwuchsgott
2003-12-05A2MinorEuropean ChampionshipEuropean Championship0:1Poland Terran Wiget
2003-12-05A2MinorEuropean ChampionshipEuropean Championship0:0Spain Protoss ZelotITO
2003-12-05A2MinorEuropean ChampionshipEuropean Championship1:0Poland Terran Wiget
2003-06-15A2MinorToT Invite Tournament 2003ToT Invite Tournament 20030:2Germany Protoss Boto
2003-06-15A2MinorToT Invite Tournament 2003ToT Invite Tournament 20032:1Germany Protoss Socke
2003-06-15A2MinorToT Invite Tournament 2003ToT Invite Tournament 20032:0Germany Zerg Enti
2003-06-15A2MinorToT Invite Tournament 2003ToT Invite Tournament 20032:0Germany Protoss muh.ahf
2003-06-15A2MinorToT Invite Tournament 2003ToT Invite Tournament 20032:0Germany Terran Ronin
2003-06-15A2MinorToT Invite Tournament 2003ToT Invite Tournament 20032:0Germany Terran GoOdy
2003-06-15A2MinorToT Invite Tournament 2003ToT Invite Tournament 20030:2Germany Zerg Mondragon
2003-06-15A2MinorToT Invite Tournament 2003ToT Invite Tournament 20032:0Germany Zerg Morgoth
2003-02-19A2MinorWorld Dream TourWorld Dream Tour1:2Norway Terran StinGer
2002-10-30A0PremierWCG 2002WCG 20020:1Peru Zerg Executor
2002-10-30A0PremierWCG 2002WCG 20021:0Indonesia Protoss Rony
2002-10-2908:30 UTCA0PremierWCG 2002WCG 20021:0Singapore Terran Duckie
2002-10-29A0PremierWCG 2002WCG 20020:1Canada Protoss Grrrr...
2002-10-29A0PremierWCG 2002WCG 20020:1United States Protoss Wizard
2002-10-29A0PremierWCG 2002WCG 20020:1France Terran Elky
2002-10-29A0PremierWCG 2002WCG 20020:1Bulgaria Terran Christian