inte Riktigt kloka

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[e][h]inte Riktigt kloka
Team Information
Team Captain:
Sweden  Agge
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:
37 (active)
61 (total)
1999 - Present


iRk was founded by a group of Swedish players who were playing for a Swedish clan [NOD] back in the beginning of 1999.
Currently, iRk is one of the strongest foreign teams in the world. They feature many notable foreign players such as Dewalt, Trutacz, OyAji , Marwin and spx.


First generation[edit]

After the leader of [NOD] started recruiting foreigners six of the Swedish members decided to make their own clan.

Founding members:

  • {iRk}affe ([NOD]_alfman)
  • {iRk}AgGe ([NOD]Aginor)
  • {iRk}Appe ([NOD]Apolion)
  • {iRk}oveR ([NOD]Overcharge)
  • {iRk}Snipe ([NOD]Sniperwolf)
  • {iRk}zerga ([NOD]Zerganess)

Later on iRk added a more Swedish players along with one Mexican:

  • {iRk}Mab
  • {iRk}Divve
  • {iRk}Buttis
  • {iRk}Bot

These ten players are regarded as the first generation of iRks by current clanleader iRk-AgGe. They played together for almost four years before they dropped out one by one due to real life commitments. Only ones left was affe and AgGe, and when affe decided to quit, he left the clan entirely to AgGe.

Second Generation[edit]

[Under construction]


Team Achievements[edit]






Sweden  AgGe, leader, captain of iRk-A
Poland  Ollin, captain of iRk-B
Norway  Doco, captain of iRk-B
Hungary  Szini, captain of iRk-C
Romania  stanel, captain of iRk-C

Sweden  poGDI, Administration: Webbsite / Twitter
Sweden  80smullet, Administration: Graphics & Editing



Poland  CheeTech
Russia  Dewalt
United States  G5
Sweden  OyAji

Finland  Arcneon
Lithuania  Arew
South Korea  Cubic

Norway  MadiNho
Ukraine  Marwin
Russia  spx
Sweden  vOddy

Sweden  KameZerg
Poland  trutaCz
United States  Hawk

South Korea  JerryK97
France  KenZy
Sweden  Naugrim
Russia  Tokyoa
Sweden  WhistleR

Norway  Oystein


Sweden  Aalm
Norway  Doco
Sweden  Favorit
Sweden  MwK
Sweden  rUSKIG

Sweden  aGONy
Canada  Brochette
Sweden  Datoby
Sweden  elKador
Norway  OboY

Poland  CruiseR
United States  father
Russia  gag
Russia  Gorky
Argentina  Pato
United States  RoyalBlue

Poland  Rasowy
Sweden  Stylish
Sweden  TuFFeR

Poland  Ollin

France  HaN
Sweden  Cackster
Sweden  Gurram
South Korea  o_O
Sweden  zFlickan

Norway  ErlinGHo

Sweden  Trek


Sweden  AgGe
Lithuania  Gometas
Hungary  KingPi
Germany  nX
Romania  stanel
Hungary  Szini
Netherlands  Thrack

United States  Anthem
Germany  Butzelbear

Hungary  advil
France  NaSh

Sweden  AgGe
Netherlands  BrOodLingg
United Kingdom  CamoDaz
Germany  Lingepumpe
Netherlands  Reggae
Poland  Yenta

In-house Tournaments[edit]


Place Prize ID
1st $35 Poland  Trutacz
2nd $15 Sweden  OyAji


Place Prize ID
1st $30 Poland  CruiseR
2nd $20 Sweden  rUSKIG


Place Prize ID
1st $10 Russia  spx
2nd $7 Sweden  KameZerg
3rd $3 Sweden  Favorit
4th $0 Sweden  rUSKIG


Place Prize ID
1st $173 Russia  Dewalt
2nd $104 Sweden  Marwin
3rd $52 Russia  spx
4th $17 Sweden  Naugrim


Place Prize ID
1st $77,50 Russia  Dewalt
2nd $46,50 Sweden  Naugrim
3rd $23,25 France  Kenzy
4th $7,75 Sweden  Marwin

In-house Showmatches[edit]

Russia  Dewalt 3 - 0 Sweden  vOddy
Sweden  OyAji 3 - 1 Norway  MadiNho
Sweden  OyAji 3 - 0 Sweden  vOddy
United States  Hawk 3 - 1 Sweden  Favorit