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Inverse Manner Building

From Liquipedia StarCraft Brood War Wiki
[e][h]TerranInverse Manner Building
Lomo using an Inverse Manner Depot on Shine[kaL] with a marine trapped behind the mineral line.
Technique Information

An Inverse Manner Building is a Manner Building (see Manner Pylon) used for offensive purposes.


The main idea is to trap a ranged unit between a natural obstruction like a cliff or a mineral line and a building to render any early melee defense from the enemy useless. The method, however, has limited use when the enemy has ranged units in the early game and can't be applied by the Zerg or Protoss. As such it is mostly used in the Terran vs. Zerg match-up but can also in rare cases be implemented by the Terran against 14 Nexus.

Notable Games[edit]

Some maps, like Destination, allow the Terran to build a Proxy Barracks and float it behind a Zerg's natural as is seen in the game between Hiya vs. Juni

Lomo using an Inverse Manner Depot vs. Shine[kaL] with a marine trapped behind the mineral line the seconds before his hatchery completed and forced him to create early zerglings. See Lomo vs. Shine on Outsider.