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[e][h]Terran Iris
Player Information
Romanized Name:
Byun Hyung Tae
February 5, 1987 (age 35)
Alternate IDs:
Iris[gm], OTL[gm], Berserker
Sexy Terran(性感人族), Berserker
Approx. Total Winnings:
Approx. Winnings 2023:
????-??-?? — 2006-04-??
2006-04-?? — 2010-09-16
2010-09-16 — 2012-12-23

Byun "Iris" Hyung Tae is a former StarCraft progamer from South Korea who played Terran for Air Force ACE. He is also commonly referred to as Berserker. He currently plays in amateur leagues.

He played Terran in StarCraft II and was a coach for AZUBU.


Iris was the captain of his team CJ Entus. Iris was well known as one of the most aggressive Terran players in the professional scene, and was a prominent member of CJ's Terran line, being the only other Terran on their lineup besides his Teammate Skyhigh. Iris recently had a large upsurge in results, coming in 2nd in the GOMTV Classic Season 3 losing to Flash and reaching the semifinals of the Avalon MSL where he lost in a close series to teammate Kwanro.

Second Career Peak in 2009[edit]

During Mid 2009, Iris was having a 'Second Spring' after his 2007 Daum OSL run. He reached the final of the GOM Classic S3 tournament, which he lost 1-3 against Flash and qualified for the 2009 Avalon MSL Ro4 (against teammate Kwanro) after defeating Bisu with a score of 3-2. He also played a vital role in CJ Entus' Proleague success, where they placed 3rd overall.

After this peak, he started the 09-10 Proleague season, Iris finished round 1 with the disappointing stats of 0 wins and 3 losses. He was seeded into the 2009 Nate MSL but was knocked out his group 1-2 in the round of 32 after losing to Saint twice. In round two of Proleague Iris appeared rarely, once again taking a backseat to young Terran Skyhigh. In his two appearances, he scored 1 win and 1 loss to bring him to a 1-4 record going into Winner's league.

Post KeSPA Era[edit]

After retiring from Starcraft 2 Iris started playing in Brood War Tournaments and streaming on Afreeca. He played in the 8th SonicTV Starleague and the 11th SonicTV Starleague though he never managed to advance from the initial group stages dropping out in the Ro32 and Ro24 respectively.

In 2016 Iris advanced to the Ro24 of the Afreeca Starleague Season 2 after losing to Firebathero in the Seoul Qualifier by defeating PianO in the next qualifier which was held in Busan. His ASL 2 group included By.Maru, Mind and hero. After only winning against By.Maru but losing to hero and Mind Iris dropped out of his group in third place.


  • Iris was known for having some of the best TvT of any player when he first became prominent, which included a 10-game winning streak vs Terran in early 2007.
  • Iris was the 1st Terran to suffer a reverse-sweep (going up 2-0 and then losing the next 3 games) loss to a Zerg in a final when he lost to GGPlay in the 2007 Daum OSL.

Matchup Statistics[edit]

Matchup Games Wins Losses Winrate
vs P 230 115 115 50 %
vs T 185 97 88 52.4 %
vs Z 193 101 92 52.3 %
All 635 335 300 52.8 %


In A0Premier Tournaments
2023-01-223rd - 4thA0Premier2007 Shinhan OSL MastersCJ EntusCJ Entus1 : 3$2,632
2009-08-203rd - 4thA0PremierAvalon MSLCJ EntusCJ Entus2 : 3$4,025
2009-08-162ndA0PremierGOMTV Averatec Intel Classic Season 3CJ EntusCJ Entus1 : 3$13,710
2008-02-273rd - 4thA0PremierGOMTV Star InvitationalCJ EntusCJ Entus0 : 3$5,332.43
2007-08-043rdA0Premier2007 Blizzcon InvitationalCJ EntusCJ Entus1 : 2$2,500
2007-07-212ndA0Premier2007 Daum OSLCJ EntusCJ Entus2 : 3$16,100
2007-02-213rdA0Premier2006 Shinhan Bank OSL Season 3CJ EntusCJ Entus3 : 0$6,440
2006-10-275th - 8thA0Premier2006 Shinhan Bank OSL Season 2CJ EntusCJ Entus1 : 2$3,254
2006-06-035th - 8thA0Premier2006 Shinhan Bank OnGameNet Starleague Season 1CJ EntusCJ Entus1 : 2$3,206
In A1Major Tournaments
2020-03-251stA1MajorKCM Race Survival 2020 Season 1TerranTerran4 : 0ZergZerg$740.17
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Notable Games[edit]


  • vs. Canata on Neo Harmony, 2008-2009 Shinhan Bank Proleague, 2009-01-04
    • Iris shows us that with clever dropship use, you don't actually need map control to win a game. He's in an advantageous position in this game for all of maybe 2 minutes, and is noticeably drained after.


  • vs. Stork on Fantasy, 2007 Daum OnGameNet StarLeague Season 1 Semifinals, Game 3, 2007-07-06
    • There's a reason why Iris is also known as Berserker, and this series is a good indicator. Stork was 21-3 in PvT for the year coming into this series, and the heavy favorite. Showing off his aggressive playstyle, Iris ends Stork's finals hopes in less than 45 minutes of StarCraft.
  • vs. Bisu on Byzantium 3, 2009 Avalon MSL, 2009-08-04
    • Tied 2-2 in a best of five, Bisu's build for this game would have been noteworthy enough, but the play which follows is nothing short of legendary.
  • vs. Nal_rA, 2007 Blizzcon Invitational Semifinals, Game 2, Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 (Pimpest Plays 2007)
    • Iris opens with a FD Push but gets outmicroed. The moment Nal_rA got an Observer the game was basically over but Iris didn't gave up and floated his Barracks over his last mine in the entrance to the natural. When Nal_rA moves in for the kill the trap snaps shut.