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Iron Curtain

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[e][h]Iron Curtain
Map Information
송기범 (skb9728_CyGnus)
Spawn Positions:
4 at 11,3,5,9
Competition Span:
Sep 2005 – Jul 2006


Iron Curtain was arguably the most popular 2v2 map in the progaming scene, and definitely was a fan favorite. The map is very unique and plays quite differently compared to the majority of 2v2 maps. The most striking feature of the map is that there is a divide that splits the map into two. This dividing wall contains three mineral lines allowing units to be glitched through.

As the map is symmetric under 180° rotation, it can be positionally imbalanced. Protoss/Zerg is strong if the teammates start on opposing sides of the map; typically the Protoss will proxy gates on the mineral line, while the Zerg will 9 pool. Terran/Zerg is strongest when both teammates are on the same side, as the Terran can turtle the middle expansion with Tanks, denying their opponents a third gas.

Notable Features[edit]

  • Dividing Wall - This separates the map into two, effectively becoming a semi-island.
  • Mineral Walls- Each wall is made up of three mineral lines allowing units to glitch through. It is also the only other expansions, and very vulnerable to harass from the other side.
  • Double Gas Expansion - The only gas expansions on the map are in the middle.
  • Distances - Although the air distance between bases on the same side is short, the walking distance is much longer. As a result early game aggression is much harder, and proxies are quite common.

Notable Games[edit]

CComa/Soo vs Sigamari/Cuteboy, 2005 SKY Proleague


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