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10-09-11 Jaedong Flash Flight-Dreamliner Korean Air Starleague Season 2 Final 4set
10-09-11 Jaedong Flash Grand Line SE Final 3set
10-09-11 Jaedong Flash Polaris Rhapsody Final 2set
10-09-11 Jaedong Flash Eye of the Storm Final 1set
10-08-28 Jaedong Flash Polaris Rhapsody Bigfile MSL Final 5set
10-08-28 Jaedong Flash Triathlon Final 4set
10-08-28 Jaedong Flash Fighting Spirit Final 3set
10-08-28 Jaedong Flash Odd-Eye 3 Final 2set
10-08-28 Jaedong Flash Polaris Rhapsody Final 1set
10-08-22 Jaedong Flash Match Point WCG 2010 Korea Final 3set
10-08-22 Jaedong Flash Polaris Rhapsody Final 2set
10-08-22 Jaedong Flash Grand Line SE Final 1set
10-01-26 Jaedong Flash Match Point Hana Daetoo Securities MSL Final 3set
10-01-26 Jaedong Flash Odd-Eye 2 Final 2set
10-01-26 Jaedong Flash Triathlon Final 1set
10-01-26 Jaedong Flash Match Point Winners League 09–10 Week 1 Day 3 7set
10-01-23 Jaedong Flash Fighting Spirit NATE MSL Final 4set
10-01-23 Jaedong Flash Odd-Eye Final 3set
10-01-23 Jaedong Flash Ultimatum Final 2set
10-01-23 Jaedong Flash Match Point Final 1set
09-12-25 Jaedong Flash New Heartbreak Ridge EVER Starleague 2009 Ro8 Match A 2set
09-12-18 Jaedong Flash Fighting Spirit Ro8 Match A 1set
09-07-01 Jaedong Flash Return of the King Bacchus Starleague 2009 Ro16 Day 3 1set
09-03-22 Jaedong Flash Rush Hour 3 Winners League 08–09 PO 3rd–2nd Match 4set
09-02-08 Jaedong Flash Sin Chupung-Ryeong Winners League 08–09 Week 3 Day 3 6set
09-02-05 Jaedong Flash Neo Harmony Lost Saga MSL Ro32 Group F Final
08-12-17 Jaedong Flash Destination Shinhan Proleague 08–09 Ro2 Week 3 Day 3 2set
08-10-15 Jaedong Flash Harmony Shinhan Proleague 08–09 Ro1 Week 2 Day 5 5set
08-09-06 Jaedong Flash Katrina SE SPL All-Star 2008 7set
08-08-10 Jaedong Flash Katrina SE GOM Classic Season 1 Final 3set
08-08-10 Jaedong Flash Othello Final 2set
08-08-10 Jaedong Flash Blue Storm Final 1set
08-02-25 Jaedong Flash Baekmagoji GOMTV Star Invitational Ro8 Match A 3set
08-02-25 Jaedong Flash Katrina Ro8 Match A 2set
08-02-25 Jaedong Flash Blue Storm Ro8 Match A 1set
08-02-22 Jaedong Flash Katrina Bacchus Starleague Ro8 Match A 3set
08-02-22 Jaedong Flash Fantasy II Ro8 Match A 2set
08-02-15 Jaedong Flash Troy Ro8 Match A 1set
08-02-14 Jaedong Flash Zodiac GOMTV MSL Season 4 Ro8 Match C 4set
08-02-14 Jaedong Flash Loki II Ro8 Match C 3set
08-02-14 Jaedong Flash Blue Storm Ro8 Match C 2set
08-02-14 Jaedong Flash Katrina Ro8 Match C 1set
07-07-01 Jaedong Flash Python Shinhan Proleague 2007 R1 Day 55 4set

Jaedong vs. Flash is widely considered one of great rivalries of all time. Their first game took place on the 1st of July in the Shinhan Bank Proleague 2007 Round 1 where Lee Yong Ho prevailed over Lee Jae Dong. However, the Lee-Ssang rivalry really began in the GOMTV MSL Season 4, where the two titans met in round of 8. Jaedong defeated Flash 3–1 (it was the second point in Jaedong’s famous LWWW-streak) to later win against Mind and Kal and get his second major league title.

Flash didn’t have to wait long to get his opportunity for revenge, since another series between these two began just the next day! They met in round of 8 of the Bacchus Starleague. Flash decided to show that he is not the worse player at all and won the first game to finish the series 2–1 a week later. Jaedong’s first attempt to win the Starleague back-to-back failed, and Flash swept the title defeating Bisu and Stork in later rounds.

Three days after Flash’s win they met yet again, this time in the 2008 XNote GOMTV Invitational. Flash swept the series 2–1 again (the final game was on Baekmagoji) as well as the whole tournament. During this very intense period (barely two weeks), they played ten games against each other, in which Flash came out ahead winning two out of three matches.

Roughly six months later Jaedong faced Flash in the Final of the TG-Intel Classic Season 1. Flash was in his top form at the time and was a favourite to win the tournament. Jaedong was rated KeSPA number two while Flash was rated number one. The match was hyped up to be one of the greatest clashes of top players in the history of StarCraft, but the series was very one-sided with Jaedong defeating Flash 3–0.

[Q]: In your history versus Flash (Lee-Ssang Rok), you’ve lost all the Bo3s but won all the Bo5s.
[A]: If you look at just the stats, sure, but I think it’s all the same. I don’t think there’s any meaning behind it, and I think it just means that I’m strong in a Bo5.
(2009 NATE MSL ro16 Day 1 Winners interview, 2009-12-17[1])

After the TG-Intel Classic and Flash’s win in All-Star game the two players faced each other three times in regular matches of Proleague, Jaedong coming out ahead 2–1. In Play-Off of Winners League their game was the fourth — Jaedong won in a long and very entertaining game and so finished his all-kill of KTF.

Also there were two games in group stages of major leagues. Firstly Lee Yong Ho won in loser’s final of Group F of Lost Saga MSL (it was “group of death”, made by Bisu, some kind of Bisu Build). Five months later, Lee Jae Dong responded by destroying his opponent’s hope to win the next Bacchus Starleague title — it was the second Jaedong win and the second Flash loss in this round. In later stages of individual tournaments however, they remain tied with both winning two out of the four series they have played.

The games record as of 2009.07.01 stands at 12 wins for Jaedong, and 9 for Flash, with Jaedong’s most recent victory coming on Return of the King.

In December 2009, Lee Jae Dong and Lee Yong Ho were playing a split Bo3 match in Round 8 of the EVER Starleague 2009. Flash won 2–0 with the victories on Fighting Spirit and New Heartbreak Ridge. The next match, the NATE MSL Final, was also on Terran favoured maps but it was Bo5, and Jaedong, of course, won 3–1. The next meeting took place just three days later in the Shinhan Bank Winners League 2010. Jaedong lost a game in which he had a significant advantage — because of the extraordinary game-breaking mistakes… he forgot to research Consume.

As of March 2010, Flash took the top one spot in the KeSPA Ranking from Jaedong, ending Jaedong’s 11 month run as No.1.


10-09-01 Jaedong Stork Grand Line SE Korean Air Starleague S2 Ro4 5set
10-09-01 Jaedong Stork Eye of the Storm Ro4 4set
10-09-01 Jaedong Stork Polaris Rhapsody Ro4 3set
10-09-01 Jaedong Stork Flight-Dreamliner Ro4 2set
10-09-01 Jaedong Stork Grand Line SE Ro4 1set
10-02-20 Jaedong Stork Match Point Winners League 09–10 Week 4 Day 1 7set
09-11-15 Jaedong Stork Destination WCG 2009 Chengdu GF Final 3set
09-11-15 Jaedong Stork Colosseum II Final 2set
09-11-15 Jaedong Stork Tau Cross Final 1set
09-08-29 Jaedong Stork Heartbreak Ridge WCG 2009 Korea Ro4 Match 2 2set
09-08-29 Jaedong Stork Return of the King Ro4 Match 2 1set
09-07-04 Jaedong Stork Destination Shinhan Proleague 08–09 Ro5 Week 6 3set
09-03-13 Jaedong Stork Tears of the Moon Batoo Starleague Ro8 Match D 3set
09-03-13 Jaedong Stork Sin Chupung-Ryeong Ro8 Match D 2set
09-03-06 Jaedong Stork Return of the King Ro8 Match D 1set
08-11-08 Jaedong Stork Ride of Valkyries WCG 2008 Cologne GF Ro8 Match D 3set
08-11-08 Jaedong Stork Tau Cross Ro8 Match D 2set
08-11-08 Jaedong Stork Shin Peaks of Baekdu Ro8 Match D 1set
08-08-17 Jaedong Stork Othello WCG 2008 Korea Final 2set
08-08-17 Jaedong Stork Andromeda Final 1set
07-12-22 Jaedong Stork Blue Storm EVER Starleague 2007 Final 4set
07-12-22 Jaedong Stork Fantasy II Final 3set
07-12-22 Jaedong Stork Katrina Final 2set
07-12-22 Jaedong Stork Persona Final 1set
07-11-02 Jaedong Stork Persona EVER Starleague 2007 Ro16 Day 5 3set
07-08-11 Jaedong Stork Shin Peaks of Baekdu Seoul IESF 2007 Ro8 Match A 3set   ?
07-08-11 Jaedong Stork Python Ro8 Match A 2set   ?
07-08-11 Jaedong Stork Tau Cross Ro8 Match A 1set   ?
07-04-28 Jaedong Stork Python Shinhan Proleague 2007 R1 Day 11 5set
07-01-27 Jaedong Stork Shin Peaks of Baekdu 4th CJ SuperFight Ro12 Group D   ?

Song Byung Goo is one of the permanent and difficult opponents for Lee Jae Dong. Stork was the winner in their first game in the 4th CJ SuperFight Tournament on 27 January 2007. Three monthes later their Proleague meeting took place and Byung Goo was the winner again. And their Bo3 match in Semifinal of the Seoul International e-Sports Festival 2007 began with the victory of Stork on Tau Cross — but Jaedong became the winner on Python and Shin Peaks of Baekdu. Next meeting was in the Round 16 of the EVER Starleague 2007: Stork won on Persona. And he did it again on Persona in the starting game of the Final match of the EVER Starleague 2007. Lee Jae Dong answered with three follow-up victories and became the champion. Jaedong received his gold and Stork got his silver. The first stage of the confrontation was over — 5–5 in games with two of Jaedong’s wins in a Bo3 and Bo5.

In 2008 the duel between two giants was held under the banner of WCG. First, in the final of WCG Korea Lee Jae Dong won 2–0. Jaedong received his gold and Stork got his silver. In Round 8 of WCG 2008 Cologne Grand Final ‘The Tyrant’ started with win on Shin Peaks of Baekdu but ‘The Commander’ answered the following two victories on Tau Cross and on Ride of Valkyries. Stork got his road to silver and Jaedong received his wish to win WCG Grand Final. 3–2 in games and 1–1 in Bo3 matches in 2008.

In March 2009 Lee Jae Dong and Song Byung Goo met again on the OnGameNet stage. It was Round 8 of the Batoo Starleague. Stork was a reigning champion, and Jaedong had long lacked the big victories. Stork won the first set of matches and Jaedong won the last two. Next, Former champion would lose to champion. A short interlude consisted of one game in the Round 5 of Proleague — Stork won with good defense to counter a Zergling all-in on Destination. With that he reduced the gap in the head-to-head game count. And the next Bo3 victory 2–0 belongs to Stork in Semifinal of 2009 WCG Korea — Song Byung Goo got his road to silver and Lee Jae Dong strengthened his desire to win WCG Grand Final. And the time came. In the Final of WCG 2009 Chengdu Jaedong and Stork competed again. It was a “must see” show on Tau Cross, Colosseum II, and Destination. Win, loss, win — that’s the order for the new Jaedong’s gold and the second Stork’s silver. The third round is over. Their total score is tied 12–12 but in matches the favorite is Jaedong. This outstanding rivalry continues.


10-07-06 Jaedong Bisu Judgment Day Shinhan Proleague 09–10 Ro5 Wk6 Day 4 3set
09-11-14 Jaedong Bisu Colosseum II WCG 2009 Chengdu GF Ro4 Match A 2set
09-11-14 Jaedong Bisu Destination Ro4 Match A 1set
09-09-26 Jaedong Bisu Destination SPL 08–09 All-Star 6set
09-06-07 Jaedong Bisu Heartbreak Ridge Shinhan Proleague 08–09 Ro5 Wk2 Day 2 5set
09-03-01 Jaedong Bisu Andromeda GOM Classic S2 Spec.Match 5set
09-03-01 Jaedong Bisu Colosseum II 4set
09-03-01 Jaedong Bisu Medusa 3set
09-03-01 Jaedong Bisu Destination 2set
09-03-01 Jaedong Bisu Andromeda 1set
09-02-28 Jaedong Bisu Neo Harmony Winners League 08–09 Week 5 Day 1 5set
08-12-23 Jaedong Bisu Destination Shinhan Proleague 08–09 Ro2 Wk4 Day 3 5set
08-06-28 Jaedong Bisu Andromeda Shinhan Proleague 2008 Week 12 Day 1 1set
08-05-01 Jaedong Bisu Colosseum Arena MSL Ro32 Group A Final
08-05-01 Jaedong Bisu Othello Arena MSL Ro32 Group A 1set
08-01-08 Jaedong Bisu Blue Storm GOMTV MSL Season 4 Ro32 Group B 1set
07-03-10 Jaedong Bisu Shin Peaks of Baekdu 2nd KeSPA Cup Ro4 Match B 2set

Lee Jae Dong’s rivalry with Kim Taek Yong (Bisu) was at some period just as fierce and intense as is with Lee Yong Ho (Flash). Not only in head-to-head games: Lee Jae Dong won fifty-four games the Proleague season 08–09, which was one more than Kim Taek Yong, and the Proleague 08–09 MVP Award was shared for them.

The most notable showdown between these two titans was during GomTV Classic Season 2 Special Match, where Lee Jae Dong prevailed 3–2.

The total wins score is 9–8 now in favour of Lee Jae Dong.


11-06-26 Jaedong FanTaSy Neo Beltway Shinhan Proleague 10–11 Ro6 Wk4 Day 2 5set
11-04-02 Jaedong FanTaSy Icarus Shinhan Proleague 10–11 Ro4(WL PO) Semis 6set
11-03-20 Jaedong FanTaSy Aztec Shinhan Proleague 10–11 Ro4(WL) Wk5 Day 2 4set
10-08-14 Jaedong FanTaSy Outsider SE SPL All-Star 2010 1set
10-05-05 Jaedong FanTaSy Match Point Shinhan Proleague 09–10 Ro4 Wk4 Day 5 5set
09-08-14 Jaedong FanTaSy Return of the King Bacchus Starleague 2009 Ro4 Match B 4set
09-08-14 Jaedong FanTaSy Holy World SE Ro4 Match B 3set
09-08-14 Jaedong FanTaSy Outsider Ro4 Match B 2set
09-08-14 Jaedong FanTaSy Heartbreak Ridge Ro4 Match B 1set
09-08-08 Jaedong FanTaSy Neo Medusa SPL 08–09 Play-Off Final Day 2 7set
09-08-07 Jaedong FanTaSy Outsider SPL 08–09 Play-Off Final Day 1 1set
09-04-19 Jaedong FanTaSy Heartbreak Ridge Shinhan Proleague 08–09 Ro4 Wk2 Day 2 3set
09-04-04 Jaedong FanTaSy Medusa Batoo Starleague Final 5set
09-04-04 Jaedong FanTaSy Tears of the Moon Final 4set
09-04-04 Jaedong FanTaSy Sin Chupung-Ryeong Final 3set
09-04-04 Jaedong FanTaSy Return of the King Final 2set
09-04-04 Jaedong FanTaSy Medusa Final 1set
08-12-23 Jaedong FanTaSy Sin Chupung-Ryeong Shinhan Proleague 08–09 Ro2 Wk4 Day 3 4set

Jung Myung Hoon’s genius emerged decidedly later than Lee Jae Dong’s — when Jaedong won his first Starleague, FanTaSy was still struggling to pass the preliminaries. After FanTaSy’s breakthrough in the Incruit Starleague, where he claimed the silver spot and nickname ‘Jung Laden’, a rivalry between these two star players has been steadily building.

While Jaedong was able to decisively win their first encounter in Proleague on 2008.12.23 with the surprising use of Queens, their next meeting at the finals of the Batoo Starleague was less one-sided. Despite being the definite underdog, FanTaSy managed to take the first two games, with perfectly executed build orders and supreme game control. In one of the most dramatic comebacks of StarCraft, Jaedong managed to overcome this setback, taking home the series 3–2, and winning his 2nd Starleague title.

Since this series, Lee Jae Dong appears to have become vulnerable to Jung Myung Hoon. His loss on Heartbreak Ridge two weeks after their OSL encounter, could be discounted as a fluke. But their more important encounters happened in the Shinhan Bank Proleague 08–09 Grand Final. Fantasy overcame Jaedong two times, once as the overture of a 4–0 sweep on Day One, once through a perfectly timed Marine/SCV-rush in the ace-game of Day Two, thus earning SKT T1 the championship.

One week later, Lee Jae Dong and Jung Myung Hoon met each other again in the Semi-Final of the Bacchus Starleague 2009. After losing game one, Jaedong came back in his typical fashion, sweeping the next three games. While game two was neck-and-neck, game three involved a brilliantly executed 4 Pool on Holy World — the mental pressure had reached a crucial point, and FanTaSy made an unforgivable walling mistake at the start of game four. With the final game of the series, Lee Jae Dong confirmed his high level of play in Best-Of-Five matches.

Since then, Jaedong only lost to Fantasy in the Proleague All-Stars 09-10 showmatch, and won their four Proleague encounters.


09-11-30 Jaedong sAviOr Fighting Spirit Shinhan Proleague 09–10 Ro1 Wk7 Day 2 2set
09-03-28 Jaedong sAviOr Andromeda Winners League 08–09 PO Final 3set
08-01-16 Jaedong sAviOr Blue Storm Bacchus Starleague Ro16 Day 1 1set
07-10-20 Jaedong sAviOr Un'Goro Crater Shinhan Proleague 2007 Ro2 Day 16 2set
06-12-21 Jaedong sAviOr Desert Fox GOMTV MSL Season 1 Ro16 Group A Losers
06-11-24 Jaedong sAviOr Arcadia 2 ODT 2nd 2006 Group C 3set
06-03-28 Jaedong sAviOr Ride of Valkyries OSL Ro24 Init.Selection 2006 Group M Final 3set   ?
06-03-28 Jaedong sAviOr Rush Hour 2 Group M Final 2set   ?
06-03-28 Jaedong sAviOr Luna The Final Group M Final 1set   ?

Unfortunately, the rivalry between Lee Jae Dong and Ma Jae Yoon did not take place as competition at the high stages of the Starleague and MSL. Rather, it is competition in the achievements that the player number one of the race provides his own glory and inspires others to successfully combat.

Also this rivalry is in styles: while Ma Jae Yoon described his style as a defensive, Lee Jae Dong raised to a new level of aggressive way to play, which was proposed by ‘The God of War’, and so Jaedong is rightly considered the founder of the modern era leading for the Zergs.

Thus, the main accomplishments are:

  • Ma Jae Yoon: The Starleague 1 Win • MSL 3 Wins + 2 Silvers • 2006 Player of the Year
  • Lee Jae Dong: The Starleague 3 Wins • MSL 2 Wins + 2 Silvers • 2007 Player of the Year & 2009 Player of the Year

sAviOr was top No.1 KeSPA for eight straight months, but Jaedong has two series of leading in the prestigious rank — first for four months in 2008 and second for eleven months in 2009–10. sAviOr was the top Zerg in KeSPA rank for 14 months, but Jaedong is top Zerg for 32 months by now and he’s continuing his leadership.

The first and only Bo3 match with Lee Jae Dong and Ma Jae Yoon was the first Bo3-match for Jaedong vs. Zerg. It took place in the group finals in Ro24 Initial Selection Tournament for Shinhan Bank Starleague Season 1 on 28 March 2006. Jaedong won 2–1. (However, he failed to build on this success — Jaedong lost the next match of group winners to YellOw[ArnC].) Next two games were the sAviOr’s wins in group stages in ODT 2nd 2006 and GOMTV MSL Season 1 — ‘The Maestro’ went to his last final in MSL and his only victory in the Starleague. Later, in 2007–09, three more victories in single games were by Jaedong and one victory was from sAviOr.

Most Played Head-To-Heads[edit]

Against Games Record Bo5 Bo3 Singles
Terran Flash 49 24–25 (49%) 3–3 1–3 8–7
Protoss Stork 27 13–14 (48%) 2–0 4–2 0–5
Terran Light 23 12–11 (52%) 1–0 3–0 3–3
Protoss Kal 19 15–4 (78.9%) 2–0 2–0 5–2
Protoss free 20 12–8 (60%) 3–2 5–3
Protoss Bisu 17 9–8 (52.9%) 1–0 1–0 4–6
Zerg Zero 16 12–4 (75%) 2–0 8–4
Terran Sea 16 9–7 (56.3%) 1–0 1–0 4–5
Terran FanTaSy 18 11–7 (61.1%) 2–0 6–4
Zerg Luxury 13 10–3 (76.9%) 3–0 4–2
Terran Hwasin 13 7–6 (53.9%) 1–0 1–0 2–4
 YellOw[ArnC] 13 8–5 (61.5%) 1–0 0–1 5–3
Protoss Much 12 9–3 (75%) 1–0 1–1 3–1
Zerg EffOrt 12 8–4 (66.7%) 1–1 6–2
Terran Mind 11 7–4 (63.6%) 1–0 1–0 2–3
Terran Canata 11 5–6 (45.5%) 1–0 0–1 2–2
Protoss Movie 10 7–3 (70%) 2–0 3–2

…and Notable Head-To-Heads[edit]