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[e][h]Protoss Jaehoon
Player Information
Romanized Name:
Kim Jae Hoon
September 21, 1989 (1989-09-21) (age 31)
Alternate IDs:
n.Die_Jaehoon , [NeOx]Jaehoon
Bermuda, 3cm Recall, Can't Recall[1]
2006-08-21 — 2011-11-04
2011-11-04 — 2013-07-10

Kim "Jaehoon" Jae Hoon is a StarCraft progamer from South Korea who played Protoss for Team 8.

He also played Protoss in StarCraft II for Jin Air Green Wings before retiring on 16th of August, 2013.[2] He now plays in Starcraft: Brood War amateur leagues.


[3]Amateur gamers don't usually get a chance to show the world their skill on T.V., but Kim Jae Hoon was one of the luckier ones and did manage to. To showcase their 2 brand new maps, Longinus and Blitz, MBCGame showcased a MSL Map Prematch featuring one protoss, one terran and one zerg player duking it out over the 2 new battlefields. The players selected were all amateurs, the protoss being Kim Jae Hoon, terran being 정현식 (Only[S.G]) and the zerg being Lim Jae Duk (zergbOng).

The show opened with a rather average TvZ on Longinus between the terran and zerg. Then it was Jae Hoon's turn to play. In his first televised appearance, he dominated Jae Duk convincingly on Longinus. Then, in the next match against 정현식 he caused a feeling of great excitement within the commentators and showcased Spirit-esque (PuSan-esque) macro which impressed everyone

He followed up his performances against 정현식 on Blitz but lost to Jae Duk after a failed proxygate. After this impressive showing as an amateur he failed to make an appearance for a while- which of course is expected.

In the dying months of 2006 Jae Hoon is building up quite a formidable reputation as a 2v2 player. Struggling to find a suitable replacement for the Kim Dong Hyun/Kim Taek Yong (Saint/Bisu) combination (as Taek Yong was being used as a 1v1 weapon) MBCGame Hero experimented with many combinations eventually settling on Jae Hoon as the preferred protoss for 2v2. Together with team mate Jung Yung Chul (TheZerg) they achieved good results. Including the epic fast expand build on Vampire in a critical set against CJ, and they have also defeated the fabled Lee Chang Hoon/Park Sung Hoon (Sigamari/TT) team which secured a 3-0 of Samsung KHAN.

Jaehoon qualified for the EVER Starleague 2009 where he was knocked out by firebathero in the Round of 36. Jaehoon made occasional appearances for MBCGame HERO during round one and two of the Proleague 09–10. He finished with a 1–3 record in the Round One, and a 2–2 record in the Round Two. This gives him a 3–5 record going into the Winners League.


2019-07-07RE23 - 28thA0Premier1v1ASL Season 8ASL Season 8Jaehoon0-2Grp S.$848
2018-12-29CA3rdA1MajorTeamMoo Proleague Season 2Moo Proleague Season 2Jaehoon4 : 1$446
2018-11-23IC9 - 12thA0Premier1v1KSL Season 2KSL Season 2Jaehoon1-2Grp S.$1,824
2017-05-07MC13 - 16thA0Premier1v1ASL Season 3ASL Season 3Jaehoon0-2Grp S.$270
2016-08-21EC5 - 8thA0Premier1v1ASL Season 1ASL Season 1Jaehoon1 : 3South Korea  Shuttle$450
2015-09-13CA3rdA1Major1v1Spotimes StarleagueSpotimes StarleagueJaehoon3 : 2South Korea  PianO$871
2015-06-07BA2ndA8Undefined1v1Draemong StarleagueDraemong StarleagueJaehoon0 : 3South Korea  Sea$449
2015-01-18MC13 - 16thA0Premier1v1HungryApp Starz League with KongdooHungryApp Starz League with KongdooJaehoon0-2Grp S. 
2014-06-14AA1stA2Minor1v1HoSic BJ StarleagueHoSic BJ StarleagueJaehoon4 : 2South Korea  Shuttle$500
2010-12-23QG17 - 24thA0Premier1v1PDPop MSLPDPop MSLJaehoon1-2Grp S.$805
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  • Jaehoon is known for dying his hair odd colors, including platinum white and neon purple. When asked about it, he said it was to improve his confidence but commented that it hadn’t worked yet.[4]
  • Jaehoon is sometimes called “Sweattoss” for sweating during his matches.
  • Due to his recall mistakes he got his nicknames Bermuda, Bermuda recall, because of his observer recall.[5] and two months later he got his '3cm recall' nickname due to his... 3cm recall [6]

Notable Games[edit]