Jim Raynor (Marine)

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[e][h]Terran Jim Raynor
Unit Information
Small Ground Unit
Hitpoints 200 Armor 3
18 (+1)
Raynor's Portrait in Brood War


There are two variations of Jim Raynor as a unit. A Marine, and a Vulture. The Marine version does not receive the U-238 or Stimpack upgrades. Instead, the Marine version comes standard with 5 (10 in DAT) range and Stimpack for free. They do not benefit from U-238 at all, therefore they do not gain any more bonus range what-so-ever staying at 5.


Cost: 10

Duration: 9.24 seconds (Fastest)

Reduces the cooldown and increases the movement speed of Marines by 50%. Stim Pack effects are not cumulative. If the Marine has 10 or less health they cannot use Stimpack.


Jim Raynor begins as a Marshall of Mar Sara. He is seen as kind of laid back, though he is also ready to snap into action in a time of crisis. He is also quite a rebel, before becoming Marshall he was a very wanted criminal, having robbed trains and doing generally illegal things. He starts off working with the unnamed Magistrate in the Rebel Yell Campaign in order to set up an outpost in a rural area on Mar Sara, then they discover a very large Zerg infestation. They remove the infestation, but in the process destroy a (infested) Confederate installation. Due to this the entire Confederate militia, along with Jim Raynor, are arrested. Afterwards, a huge Zerg attack wave attacks Mar Sara and the only chance of survival is to call for the help of the Sons of Korhal. After the evacuation, they are all labelled as criminals and rebels.


The Jim Raynor Marine only has one appearance in the Rebel Yell Campaign, in The Jackobs Installation.

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